Tales of Xillia's OST Coming Out This September

Amazon Japan has put up what seems to be Tales of Xillia's Original Soundtrack up for pre-orders.

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slayorofgods2547d ago

Still waiting for a western release. Still disappointing that they decided not to release TOV outside of Japan for the PS3.

Bleucrunch2547d ago

its like bandainamco is just teasing us westerners...I want a new tales game sooooo bad man..smh but I understand that business is business...if enough people aren't going to buy it then why localize it here...but I am telling you that YES people will buy it they will buy them alll just release them pleeeeease.

criticalkare2547d ago

We are getting Graces F even though I want this one too... :(

Bleucrunch2545d ago

I just want at least two a in the first half then one in the second half...release all the ones that were released in Japan but never made their way to europe of the states pleeeeease with sprinkles even.

Burning_Finger2547d ago

Tales of Nose hair.. hahah jk

Day one.