RandomProdInc: Luigi's Mansion 2 Preview

RandomProdInc: When the GameCube launched, you could pick up a title called Luigi’s Mansion. Ten years on and we are finally seeing a sequel, this time in 3D. This was the biggest surprise announced at E3 this year, and we had the opportunity to get hands on with it. Read on after the break for our initial thoughts on the title.

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HallCat2582d ago

I was delighted to see this announced at E3, I'm happy to hear it lives up to the original on Gamecube, can't wait to get my hands on the game when it comes out!

MrSpace2582d ago

I hope they port this to the Wii U. It deserves a full console release, not to be stuck on the 3DS because Nintendo needs as many games as they can to try and boost it's sales.

TomInc2582d ago


Totally agree. HD would do it so much justice too, so I'm glad they didn't announce a Wii equivalent at e3 at least!

NukaCola2582d ago

Luigi's Mansion is one of the greatest titles on the Gamecube. I loved it. When the Wii was announced, I was like "Flashlight Vacuum + Wiimote = Luigi's Mansion 2." But then I was disappointed at it's absence. Then Smash came out and there was a Luigi's Mansion level and I was getting excited for the possibility of it again or maybe a Wii-make of the orignal like Pikmin and Metroid Prime got. Then nothing and it I got sad again.

I am all for a remake, but I want this on Wii U. I am completely unimpressed with the 3DS and I don't want one. I am excited for the Wii U so if a Wii U version is made then you know I'll be there day one.

SilentNegotiator2582d ago (Edited 2582d ago ) about where it freaking BELONGS?!

Hey Nintendo! THE WII.
*Wink wink, nudge nudge, poke poke, slap slap*

Instead of trying to get me to by more hardware with a bunch of remasters, typical sequels with no real improvements (ex: Mario Kart XX), and a gimmick that doesn't work very well, how about bringing the game where there are explosively obvious great control implementations to be made?

fossilfern2582d ago (Edited 2582d ago )

Delighted to see this making a return! Luigis Mansion was the first game I played on the Gamecube at them standee things in GAME and I remember a crowd of people being around it watching me playing it. Fantastic game, and 10 years later they make a follow up.