What If GT5 Had Been Released This Week?

Would reviewers have less to criticise if GT5 was released this week, complete with the 10 patches that PD have added since release? Are the issues from the retail version all sorted? TGR take a look at GT5 and find out how it would fare if released this week.

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Dan_Vivian2583d ago

In all honesty, I've been playing GT5 on my new PS3 but don't have an internet connection yet. I haven't found any sort of issues with it as of yet, and I've completed a good 50% of all the races and licenses. It would be interesting to see what all the updates do when I finally get to downloading them. But great article all the same. Keep them coming :)

RedDragan2583d ago

There are quite a few changes, the Seasonal Events are great as well. You will love them but if you feel like you are starting to grind try and get that internet connection because they are doing triple cash rewards on those seasonals and the cars in the online dealership are discounted and come with zero milleage on the clock. This is supposedly temporary.

I am looking forward to the DLC, if it ever comes. Everybody seems to have their own preference of what DLC should be but for me, I wanna see the Pikes Peak track in HD glory and maybe even see Mount Paronama introduced as a track.

Others want more cars or current cars given the premium content, but I would be happy with a change of scenary to drive around on. Let's hope the DLC comes soon.


baodeus2583d ago

PSN is free so you should be having problem playing online game. Although, how do you post on this site if you don't have internet? Somewhere else but not in your house perhaps?

Dan_Vivian2583d ago

yeah, I post on here from my phone. That's my only connection to the web at the moment sadly, but come september I'll be rocking PSN like a motherload!

baodeus2583d ago

Ok then. Good to hear that. Welcome to internet. I couldn't imagine what do people do without internet nowadays. It is becomming like a necessity than just for fun.

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liore2583d ago

GT5 lost the fun of driving and collecting cars they replaced it with super realistic details of cars and tracks I hope they bring out a GT3 HD version cause that game was super fun and addictive

firemassacre2583d ago (Edited 2583d ago )

that bugatti veyron is a beast

edit @ lazertroy...i love the lobby music...PUFF PUFF

kneon2583d ago

Actually it's pretty crap to drive, there are much better handling and faster cars in the game than that piece of junk.

FAGOL2583d ago

Lol when I got the Veyron I was like f*ck yeah. Then started winning other cars like the Toyota Minolta etc. The Buggati has no chance against them. Still it's ok if you want to drive in a straight line lol.

lazertroy2583d ago

I love GT5 except the lobby.

sammykiernan2583d ago

I didn't find the lobby too bad tbh.

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The story is too old to be commented.