Game of the Year 2011: The Contenders So Far

The Married Gamers crew gets together and discuss what their 2011 Game of the Year (So Far) picks are. A good round table discussion on what gamers should still keep their eye one as the second half of the year big games approach.

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Stealth2k2525d ago

none of those are really game of the year to me because

A) alot of them havent come out yet
B) they show a lack of risk
C) most of the games just dont deserve it

dexterino2525d ago

Batman Arkham city is pretty much looking set become the GOTY title this year, UC3 and GoW3 would be good but Batman AC is just looking like an epic game in just about every way.

Chewy332525d ago (Edited 2525d ago )

Gears of war is a major, major contender. It's adding an enormous amount of things, unlike a lot of games this year. Examples, Horde 2.0. It added a whole new faction to fight, ability to buy defenses and weapons and five completely dynamic bosses for each map. Beast mode is innovative allowing you to play as locust where enemy A.I sets up defenses much like Horde mode in which you use strategy with your squad to eliminate there base. TDM completely re-did the style of how it originally worked, no similarities
expect kill your opponent. 40 unlock able characters is a huge difference from 10 from the previous game last time I checked. 100's of medals and ribbons where not in the
previous game at all, it gives you a feeling of achievement and X.P when you complete one; making the Mp more fun. Arcade mode, I don't know much about. Vehicles is absolutely huge, I never thought they'd be able to incorporate it into Gears but they did. Four player co-op campaign, few games let you play through an entire campaign
with four people at once. Thirty five dynamic Weapon skins, most of which are animated and give a more customization experience to MP, without unbalancing the game. Dynamic environments are large, once more they give a changing feeling to MP and make maps far more fun. Fifty ultra-cinematic executions for overall, the fact you're able to execute someone in real time in over fifty
different, gruesome ways is absolutely marvelous. Dynamic changing enemies, few games include this. The enemies will mutate dynamically to larger or stronger beings anywhere, anytime. Even in enclosed structured areas completely unscripted. An updated engine, I shouldn't even have to say what's great about this. Dedicated servers, Gears is a very fast paced MP. A fiber internet connection to ensure no lag reaches any games will be absolutely superb, I wish other
games would follow this. Three year development time, another obvious one. Thanks to this the development team at Epic got to lengthen the campaign and polish it making
it more fun.

Gears of War 3 uses the newest form of Unreal Engine for graphics. No other graphics engine on any other console offers the advanced graphics techniques seen in Gears of War 3. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, but the fact is the Gears of War games display far more polygons than the
Uncharted games while you are playing. This specification cannot be debated. From a technical point of view there is no doubt Gears of War has the advantage over Uncharted.
I studied the new Unreal Engine and everything new to Gears of War 3. There are all sorts of weather tricks and graphic
techniques to make fire, smoke, wind, lighting, shading, and reflections react perfectly in relation to everything else. For example, now we see Cole's helmet has high-gloss reflections and lighting, just like a real helmet.

I wouldn't put Gears 3 off as a contender for GOTY for a second. It's one of the revolutionary games of are generation and it deserves GOTY for what it's done.

You have to go in depth on games and study them apart from the demos. What I've dug up on the Gears 3 franchise is defiantly the most stunning I've seen.

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