Sony details PS Vita's online modes

Sony has revealed more information on PlayStation Vita's online modes Near, Party, LiveArea and Activity ...

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ksense2373d ago

It just gets better and better with Vita.

THC CELL2373d ago

I will get called for this but vita has out dated xbox live and psn on ps3 ( ps3 will be updated for vita I would expect)

Blacktric2373d ago

I'm sorry but how did it out date PSN or Live? One of those features is already comes with Xbox Live and the other one is very similar to what Nintendo did with 3DS. And the final feature is just a hub, so calm down.

gamingdroid2373d ago

Not only that, but it seems Sony hasn't learned anything.

"Party is integrated with friends lists but isn't compulsory for all games to include. "Games can choose not to," said Rogers. "

So they are making party OPTIONAL. We all know how optional for basic features is not a good idea....

MaxXAttaxX2373d ago

Not every game needs "party".

People down play anything no matter how much of an improvement it is from its predecessor.
If you don't care about it, then GTFO.

Outdated? You do know this is a handheld system, right?

nickjkl2373d ago

remember that time

on xbox live

when cod

had those playlists

in multiplayer

that didnt use it

BluePumpkin72373d ago

it's custom soundtrack all over again

MaxXAttaxX2373d ago

Custom soundtrack is ok for racing and sports games.


It's a handheld, not the next PS4.

Disccordia2373d ago


As someone else said he meant some games can override party chat presumably to avoid cheaters. MW2 on the 360 disabled parties for team games for example.

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CynicalVision2373d ago

Cross-game party chat is an amazing feature for a handheld device.

jwk942373d ago

It's also an amazing, yet non-existant, feature for the ps3. /cry

Oldman1002373d ago

Gamers: Cross game chat for ps3 plz.

Sony: Wish granted, cross game chat for Vita it is.

Gamers: 0_o?

MasterCornholio2373d ago

Sony your charging 2 little. This device is worth at least 350 euros.

LOL looks like its a steal for 250

Vita rules.

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