Mortal Kombat DLC Breakdown: Rain (Bitmob)

This installment of Mortal Kombat DLC Breakdown introduces Rain, the third of four new fighters hitting Mortal Kombat this summer. Learn about his background, origin, fighting style, and finishing moves in this first look at the latest MK warrior.

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NagaSotuva2462d ago

More people will probably buy Freddy Krueger, but I like Rain better. His combos look awesome.

choadley2462d ago

Rain looks like fun. I hope to get a chance to try him out one day.

MasterD9192461d ago

Rain is badass and with Noob they make a great tag team. I don't regret buying him at all and if you own MK9 I say you should buy 'em if you are already interested.

Freddy doesn't interest me at all but I wouldn't be surprised if people overlook Rain.