Modern Warfare 3: "the best co-op experience yet"

"Glen Schofield, one of the founders of Sledgehammer Games, the development team partnering Infinity Ward on Modern Warfare 3, has given a detailed interview revealing more on the new co-op mode."

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Nate-Dog2426d ago

"It will take more than the inclusion of a standard 'Survival Mode' for Modern Warfare 3's co-op to live up to Schofield's proud boasts." And that is why I lol'd at the title of this.

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Inside_out2426d ago (Edited 2426d ago )

They really needed to up the amount of people that you could play with in co-op to at least 4...maybe more. Playing a firefight/horde mode with just two people while better than nothing, seems lacking. Also make it drop in/drop out...those type of games take forever and many times friends want to join in on whatever you are playing. While we are dreaming, how about a feature that lets your friends watch you play whatever game you are playing.

How did Graw 2 multi-player super stars Red Storm offer so much in that games multi-player modes. Ubisoft really messed up that franchise. They could of really extended that market and INSTEAD. just let in wallow in development hell chasing a game like COD that is completely different. I hope they seen what happen to So-com.

DoomeDx2426d ago

You want 16 players coop? It will be to easy, nothing to kill at all.

4 Players is the sweetspot for that.
Unless games can run 256 A.I's at the same time, then 16 players is reasonable yes

MidnytRain2426d ago (Edited 2426d ago )

I like a limited player count in co-op; it feels more personal to me. Resistance 2's co-op was okay, but to accommodate the the 8 players, IG buffed the enemies' health to huge amounts. As a result, it felt really different from the campaign, which is bad.

Getowned2426d ago

8 player co-op would be cool on a big map

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The story is too old to be commented.