Is Avatar Kinect a waste of time

Lazygamer got the opportunity to get some pre-release hands on time with Avatar Kinect, the newest gadget from the insane geniuses behind Kinect fun Labs. Avatar Kinect allows you and your online friends to engage in chats and virtual meetings using your Xbox Live Avatars. It’s available right now for Xbox Live Gold Members through Kinect Fun Labs, weighing in at a hefty 658Mb. Is it worth the download? We gave it a bash this weekend – here’s what we thought

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Ognipode2491d ago

I don't really see how anyone would actually use this much, but I haven't tried it myself but still... I don't really get the point of putting time and money into something like this.

GrieverSoul2491d ago (Edited 2491d ago )

As soon as I saw the part of the trailer with the avatars all rounded up, it reminded me of an AA meeting. lol

Kinda pointless feature to be honest.

Ognipode2491d ago

Hi my name is Ognipode... and I'm a video-game-aholic.

*Hiiiii Ognipoooddddee*

NukaCola2491d ago

I won't use it. I get webcaming with friends, but look at the dumb reveal trailer. No one is going to sit around and have a conversation like that. Those knuckleheads were flailing around like idiots, having to over express so the avatar would use it's body language. I understand MS's interest in social networking, but this screams pedo shopping and oh my, the profanity that is going to be spread. That is why they took voice chat out of PS Home when just out and about (only used in a lobby or private estate) because of the trolling and harassment. Just my opinion. I think party chatting is perfectly fine. But I guess them being avatars is better than live cam, cause we all know most of those people are just sitting around on the couch naked or in there underwear.

maniacmayhem2491d ago

Voice chat being taken out of Home was the best ever. I remember being in there when the feature was added. Talk about ignorance.

lodossrage2491d ago (Edited 2491d ago )

Voice chat was taken out of HOME because of the overload on bandwidth. People were having difficulties logging onto it. So the voice chat was sacrificed, freeing up bandwidth, which in turn made it easier for people to log in and stay in for more than a few minutes before getting booted.

The good thing about voice chat now is that you can do it in public again (via the private lobbies you mentioned) and still in the private spaces.

sack_boi2491d ago

It's a free update, don't download it if you think it's useless.

lodossrage2491d ago

I have to agree on that. It's not like anyone is forced to download it.

WobblyOnion2491d ago's like webcam chat...with puppets?

Redempteur2491d ago

Pretty much ..

it cool but i wonder what happens when i want to show an object i have to my friends ?

Emilio_Estevez2491d ago (Edited 2491d ago )

Eh, not that interesting, not many will be interested, especially if it doesn't work that well.

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The story is too old to be commented.