inFamous 2 - PS3 Review by Brash Games

James Hamblin of Brash Games writes "The original inFamous offered players a simple but intriguing choice. After the devastating explosion that tore apart Empire City, unwitting bike courier Cole MacGrath awoke to find himself at the epicentre of both the blast and the reasons behind it. Transformed into a working class superhero, his blue collar now glowed brighter than the rest of the unwashed masses thanks to the electrical superpowers he’d been infused with. And it was up to you to decide whether he used his new gifts for good or evil".

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danswayuk2582d ago

Loved this game, been playing for a couple of weeks. Step up from the first.

ILikeTurtles2582d ago (Edited 2582d ago )

Little too late for a review imo
everbody knows that the game is great by now

Redempteur2582d ago

it's never late to say that a good game is good .

2582d ago
cochise3132582d ago

This game is at least a 9.5. I love this game; one of my favorite this gen.

ElDorado2582d ago

I actually agree man. I love this game, it's even better than Portal 2. 8 is a great score, but come on man this is inFAMOUS 2.

cochise3132582d ago

Yeah It was way better than the first one. It had great graphics, story, and gameplay. This is up there with uncharted for me.

Inzo2582d ago

"inFamous 2 - PS3 Review by Brash Games"
As apposed to 360 review? ;)

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