Should Your Game Have Multiplayer? | The Controller Online

Scott from The Controller Online writes: "Or are you trying too hard?

In years gone by this wasn’t really a question. Let’s jump back to Fall 2007, a glorious year for multiplayer gaming with the release of, not only, Halo 3 but Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. Both of which are still consistently in the weekly top 10 most played games on Xbox Live. Skip forward to present day with games like Duke Nukem Forever, Dead Space 2, Front Mission Evolved and Bioshock 2(to name a few) and it’s easy to see that developers think it’s necessary to add a multiplayer mode."

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cochise3132584d ago (Edited 2584d ago )

too many game have it and don't need it. Dead space 2 and bioshock 2 had horrible multiplayers but great single player mode. I think AC brotherhood's single player suffered because of the multiplayer seeing as though it was shorter that AC2. It was good nontheless.

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Flummoxxed2584d ago

Writer makes a great point... If you can't come up innovative pvp multiplayer, leave it to the heavy-hitters, and go the route of co-op multiplayer. I think everyone would enjoy sharing their favorite single player game experience with a friend or two. Oblivion or batman:arkham asylum would've been fun co-op games.

Pozzle2584d ago

You know what I'd like to see more of? Offline multiplayer. I hate buying a game that advertises itself as multiplayer, but really only means 'online multiplayer'.

Some of us like split screen multiplayer with friends! Just saying.