FTG Review: Razer Orochi

The Orochi is the latest mobile mouse from Razer. It's a hybrid wired/wireless mouse, and it has some pretty mean specs. But, is it any good?

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maxcavsm2552d ago

Oof. Sure the Razer folks will be happy to get that review back.

eccothedolphin72552d ago

Hey, don't get me wrong. I freakin' love Razer. This just seems like a weird product. A mobile gaming mouse is something that I don't think anyone actually needs. If you are the type of person looking for cute, mobile accessories, you probably don't care about things like DPI.

Leathersoup2552d ago

I have this mouse and I've played games with it for several hours without any cramps in my hand. For the most part I'm sure people with laptops don't need to have a mouse with XTREEM dpi, but I do play games on mine and I find this mouse to be pretty decent for gaming.

eccothedolphin72552d ago

I'm sure that lots of people will be able to use this mouse without any issues. I am just too used to gaming with a full sized mouse, and I don't like little mice in general. If it we're 30-50% larger, it would be a really good mouse.