PS3 hackers aren't giving up: 3.60 Slim Flash dumped

Hackers seem to not give up with hacking the PS3. The PS3 hacker No_One announced that he is very close with jailbreaking the PS3. He announced that the PS3 Slim Nor Flash is dumped via a PNM board socket and even has some proof of it.

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dangert122430d ago

If i could send a message to these ps3 hackers i'd say this.

Kingsora2430d ago

That's a little bit cold

dangert122430d ago

There the reason i have no 'other os'
also the reason psn went down for how long it did theyve done more good then bad were is this custom firm where with the actually goods they used as excuses for hacking the ps3?

Kingsora2430d ago

Could be, but wishing them death is a little bit too cold..

dangert122430d ago

they shoudl't take it to personal...we all die. so they aswell go now instead of ruining fun for people who are alive lol

gamingdroid2430d ago

***There the reason i have no 'other os'***

No, the reason you have no OtherOS is because Sony used hackers as an excuse to remove a feature you paid for.

MaxXAttaxX2430d ago (Edited 2430d ago )

No one used Other OS.

You paid for and own the hardware, but you don't own the software. There's a difference.

Sony reserved the right to do any changes. It was stated on the manual, the user license you agreed to when starting your PS3 AND right on the box itself.

It's funny how the people who care the least about the PS3 are the ones who bitch the most.

2430d ago
Why o why2430d ago (Edited 2430d ago )


i purchased my ps3 for games especially their 'exclusives'

what'd you purchase your 360 right 'Evil sony must die' scream the guys who wouldnt go near one

radphil2429d ago (Edited 2429d ago )

No, the reason you have no OtherOS is because Sony used hackers as an excuse to remove a feature you paid for."

Really getting annoyed of this bullcrap of a stupid vague and ill-informed response. OtherOS wasn't even effective, nor still is, and not only that, but to even use it effectively, you needed MULTIPLE units, and they provide that to the companies or military that still use it.

Also, show where the need for OtherOS to the public outweighed the use of gaming.

I have a much better time using Linux on a computer than using it through a set-locked system.

There was a huge glaring security hole within OtherOS anyways.

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CynicalVision2430d ago

If I could send a message to these hackers, it would be this:

M-A-R-S-H-A-L-L2430d ago

Hey gamingdroid, the reason why Other OS was removed was because of the fact people couldn't just be content with what Sony offered and had to ruin it for everyone else.

JD_Shadow2429d ago

1. Can we stop this practice of responding outside of the thread tree their reply was directed to. It shows that you're acting cowardly: they won't get a notification saying that someone has replied, can get out of them being able to respond. Dodgy indeed, and I bet it's against the rules, as well.

2. How many more times do we have to have trolls come in and say the same thing we've replied to countless times. No wonder the cowardness is here: no one cleans this up. Wishing death is allowed, apparently, and so is dodgy means of replying while trying to get out of being responded to. Sadly, it all has come out in this hacking thing.

2430d ago
M-A-R-S-H-A-L-L2430d ago

And I hope everyone one of you end up in jail. :)

jacksheen00002430d ago

Hack PS3 = Go to Jail = get your salad tossed

plain in simple

neogeo2430d ago

and how is that a bad thing if your gay?

Sevir042429d ago

Which homosexual male in his right mind wants to go through the trouble of ending up in jail just to get his salad tossed?

Dark_king2429d ago

actually its completely legal to hack a PS3.Just not legal to distribute copyrighted materials.

xAlmostPro2429d ago

exactly.. add to that it's another hardware hack -_-

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