Over 900 voice actors in Star Wars: The Old Republic, still growing

When Star Wars: The Old Republic was first announced to be a fully-voiced undertaking (back during E3 2009), BioWare said it had brought in “hundreds” of voice actors for “thousands” of roles. That first estimation is now approaching a thousand, it’s been recently revealed.

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Greyfoxdbz2465d ago (Edited 2465d ago )

Over 9000!!!!!
oh its just 900

ShoryukenII2465d ago

No, it is actually over 8000 in the original. 9000 was a dubbing error. *cue Reading Rainbow music*

Cpt_kitten2465d ago

ps uh em

i want this game NOW and skyrim too, play both at the same time

Hotel_Moscow2465d ago

dev team must of helped to off set cost can you imagine payin 1000 different people not on dev team to voice act

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