Square Enix: Next gen to bring 'a big leap' in graphics

The next generation of games machines will be driven to new levels of graphics realism, says Julien Merceron, worldwide technology director at Square Enix.

"I think that we're still going to see a big leap in graphics," Merceron told at Develop this week. "In terms of technology I think we'll see developers taking advantage of physically-based rendering, physically-based lighting. I think people will take advantage of global illumination, or at least some form approximation of global illumination, so that could have a significant impact on graphics quality.

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chidori6662582d ago

i stop read in "Square Enix"


NealCaffrey2582d ago

Everyone says they stop reading at "x". They just don't want to read it.. -_-

dangert122582d ago

I stopped reading your comment at '-_-'

evrfighter2582d ago

Se focused on graphics this gen and look where that got em. A failure of an mmo and the most linear non fun final fantasy to date...

Hotel_Moscow2582d ago

they didnt focus on graphics

dlohnug2582d ago

haha my little brother just went through my games pile and said, is this game good? No, little one, FF13 is crushed hopes.

lil Titan2582d ago

new generation of consoles, new and better graphics?... tell us something we dont know thats like telling me rupert murdoch is gonna get off his crimes

Boody-Bandit2582d ago (Edited 2582d ago )

No offense, because I know this isn't popular with some N4G members, BUT, I didn't even read the article because of the lame picture. I am beyond tired already of seeing, hearing and reading comparisons to Avatar when talking about where the next generation graphics are headed.

The CGI in next generation gaming console wont even compare to Avatar let alone the actual in game graphics of games on the consoles. Of course there will be a significant improvement but not a monumental one like that. Let's not get completely crazy here with hyping up next gen visuals when neither Sony or MS has officially even announced their next gen plans.

All I know is gaming PC's have video cards that cost upwards of $900 per card. Some PC gamer SLI 2 or 3 of these cards together for optimal performance. There is no way that Sony or MS are going to be able to rival that power for a retail price of $399 for their next consoles.

Let's nip this BS is the bud now and quit wasting bandwidth and space on the net arguing about this garbage already. Like I always say, "let the product speak for itself when it's released".

dredgewalker2582d ago


Well said,I'd rather hear about a new game which has great gameplay and imagination. Even if the hardware is limited it shouldn't limit a developers creativity with the current gen.

HardCover2582d ago (Edited 2582d ago )

"The CGI in next generation gaming console wont even compare to Avatar let alone the actual in game graphics of games on the consoles."

Yikes. I don't care how pissy and frustrated you are about a film. Go read the article next time before you say something completely unrelated to anything about the article.

Here I'll copy+paste it for you because I'm a nice guy and I'm I'm sick and tired of people complaining about something personal.

"But if you take a film like Avatar, there's a huge leap in the graphics techniques that are being used and the level of realism. The conclusion I would draw from that is we might end up seeing the difference way more in realistic-looking games, rather than those trying to achieve a cartoony look. At some point, with all these games [that are] going for a cartoony look, consumers might get the feeling that it's plateauing. But for games striving for a very realistic look, it's going to be easy to see all the improvements, all the time."

PS360PCROCKS2582d ago

"All I know is gaming PC's have video cards that cost upwards of $900 per card. Some PC gamer SLI 2 or 3 of these cards together for optimal performance."

how in the hell did you get 7 agrees? The most expensive cars right now is $750 and that card doesn't NEED to be in SLI for "optimal performance" anyone who does that has tons and tons of money because they're running tri-screens at 60FPS on each screen. My GPU's cost me $500 and I can max any game on the market, 1080p, 3D and 60FPS

Boody-Bandit2582d ago (Edited 2582d ago )

Come back when you know what you're talking about. A EVGA GTX Classified 590 Hydro retails for 879.99. Thats a hell of a lot closer to 900 with tax and sometimes shipping than $750.

How you got 1 agree I will never know.

Sub4Dis2581d ago

considering most square enix games look like they are about a generation behind...i'd hope they can step it up a bit in the next gen.

superrey192581d ago


That version of the 590 costs more because it has a liquid cooled copper heatsink. The regular version with passive cooling does cost $750. So technically your wrong about the fastest card costing $900 since the same card, albeit different model, costs much less.

Boody-Bandit2581d ago (Edited 2581d ago )


My exact words were:
"All I know is gaming PC's have video cards that cost upwards of $900 per card."

What part of upwards do "you" not understand?

You are being specific were I was not. I merely stated that the ceiling is at $900. Liquid cooled or not, that does not discount the fact that EVGA GTX 590 Hydro is a card on the market that does in "fact" cost $879 dollars.

I should know what they cost considering I own them.

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Nadasico2582d ago (Edited 2582d ago )

evrfighter I wouldn't say that it was the most non fun. As I did actually bother finishing it. Unlike FF12 which if I recall I only got to the ship where you fight one of the judges. I just couldn't trudge on any longer in that one. FFXIII I was pushing for the Platinum at least. Even finished farming up all of the spheres to max. The thing that is really keeping me from finishing it 100% is getting the master level weapons.

Though I agree in the fact that it doesn't even deserve to sit in the same cabinet as my Xenogears or FFVIII. I don't think it was so much that they focused to much on graphics this gen as it was bad direction. The Crystal engine has been done for quite some time now. So they have everything they need to focus on making a good game.

Yet they seem to be putting all of the worst games at the top of the priority list. Rather than bringing out what fans really want like SquareSoft used to do. Instead they have brought out several mediocre or worse rpgs either exclusive to 360 or multiplat. An even destroyed a good franchise like Front Mission by trying to turn it in to a westernized cash cow. Yet all of these efforts have ended in failure and only gotten the company in deeper financial constraints.

fluffydelusions2582d ago (Edited 2582d ago )

I don't think there will be a HUGE leap in graphics and anyone hoping for next Gen to look like avatar is delusional. The Samaritan demo used 3x graphics card that cost more than $1500 so yeah...

NukaCola2582d ago

I think the leap won't be like PS2/Xbox was to PS3/360. That was a huge leap. I think the graphics technology will allow for The Samaritan graphics, but when you look at how far we have come and how gorgeous God of War 3, Uncharted 3, Heavy Rain, Alan Wake, etc are looking this generation you can see that the leap is in the tech, not the polygons. The polygons will come.

I say next gen will allow for smooth gaming. Everything will be in 1080p or better, everything will run at 60 frames minimum, there will be no screen tearing, no frame stutter, better servers for online. That is what I see for next generation. And I see a alot coming from the networkside of things. LIVE and PSN, I am sure will be completly intergrated. The online world will be in everything you do and I am sure that multitasking will be a huge thing. I could be wrong, but I think the techside is the next leap, the graphics just follow.

beavis4play2582d ago

good points, nukacola - bubbles!

Nadasico2582d ago

fluffydelusions I think you also have to realize how quickly that will get cut down to one graphics card. Especially with the first PCI-E 3.0 motherboard from MSI already showing up the leaps are getting crazy in the transitional stage for technology. The 980x was $1000 now with sandybridge the stock i52500k can compete and even beat the 98x in some cases. At a cost of about $225 now that is a leap.

Shane Kim2582d ago

When I read Nucacolas comment I just realise I'm getting too old for games. I want games to be like the old days. Pop a disc (or in that case a cartridge) and just play the damn game without all the other sh!t around it.

But still, I guess I'm glad gaming has evolved.

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Jocosta2582d ago

If they were exclusive to you-know-who you would not say that.

SilentNegotiator2582d ago (Edited 2582d ago )

Would you people stop posting Avatar with these articles?

"Toy story graphics"? Sony and MS on their 6th gen consoles? Not ringing a bell?

tbergen12582d ago

If the graphics don't get better at least we will still have movies like this to watch until they do....

subtenko2582d ago (Edited 2582d ago )

I stopped read when I saw I made a grammatical error and need ta kn0w how to spell :( Then I realized I don't give a f***, this is the wild wild west; the internet. That, all people can be treated as equal!

Im not smoking anything!!!

On topic... I hope the next gen makes a BIG leap in graphics! From gamecube to Wii, not my cup of tea (graphics wise) ps3 and xbox360 did good this gen. Hopefully they dont pull a Nintendo (If you want them to pull a nintendo...then just go with Nintendo...)

We want more! Long live gaming and its advancement!

Agree of Disagree if you Agree

x5exotic2582d ago

they don't give a sh*t about you guys they only give a shit about me and people like me xD burrrn

DanSolo2582d ago

Final Fantasy got progressively worse the more girly they made their main male protagonists....

Cloud was the man in Final Fantasy 7, but afterwards they even started feminising him right up in later FF7 stuff!

It is a shame though that Final Fantasy went down the sh!tter, as FF7 was one of my favorite gaming experiences and was a real landmark in gaming for a lot of people!

clearelite2582d ago (Edited 2582d ago )

I would like to hear square talk about gameplay and making quality games.

ViserysTargaryen2582d ago

The nextgen will take emo technology to the next level.

jessupj2582d ago (Edited 2582d ago )

I wish developers would focus on destructability, organic interactive environments and A.I instead of graphics. Everything I read it's always about the graphics.

Don't get me wrong, I love a pretty game just as much as the next guy. Graphics is still a very important aspect of a game and can make or break the immersion.

But I remember being 15 years old (24 now) and playing PS1 games and thinking to myself "in 10 years there's gonna be awesome games, with complete destructability and A.I. you'd mistake for being controlled by a human". But where are we now folks? Sure we've made a little progress, Red faction and BF:BC2 and the soon to be released BF3 are taking some good strides, but no where near to the level it should be.

Skyrim is going to be an awesome game and we're all going to spend lots of hours having fun, but you know almost nothing in the environment is going to be interactive. You can't cut grass, you can't chip rocks in the ground, you cut chop down trees, you can't break down doors (without it being a script event). And those are all very simple ideas, yet after all the advnces in technology very few games have any kind of interactive game worlds.

Maybe in a few years the industry will shift direction and start focusing on the gameplay.

madjedi2581d ago (Edited 2581d ago )

@jessupj I think your unfairly comparing your version of future games back then vs cold hard reality ie the processing power required to process all the real world physics/effects.

Now lucas has the euphoria and digital molecular matter engines, that have not been in many games, which is an example of what your referring to i believe.

But it's not standardized across the industry, graphics aside this gen has more like the ps2 era than anything incredibly revolutionary, well maybe a little of both.

Not to be an ass, but i think your being a bit too greedy it seems, all that interactivity adds on another or a couple more layers of complexity. I think next gen will see more of a focus on gameplay or gameplay interactions, where as this gen has been primarily graphics.

I started gaming on a computer, with a 5 & 1/2 inch floppys/atari 2600, games have evolved quite a bit since. Computer power has increased countless(not looking it up) over since then, you'll get your more interactivite worlds with more human like ai. You just have to wait.

@viserys Versus roided up next gen space marines, be still my beating heart. -_-

Bonobo123452581d ago

I always wanted them to accurately recreate a continent, and take exploration to the max.

but these dreams are far out of reach at this point in time.

jessupj2581d ago


I respect your opinion, but I think you might be slightly misinterpreting me.

I'm just saying I wished the industry moved forward with gameplay elements as well instead of taking the direction they did with focusing on graphics. Yes the industry has made huge strides forward in technology as well as concept and design, but I feel the complexities of games today could be a lot better if graphics were sacrificed a little.

princejb1342582d ago

give me a good game instead square enix, still waiting on kingdom hearts 3
i miss the old you when you was actually good

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spunnups2582d ago (Edited 2582d ago )

How about a small jump in graphics, and an even bigger leap in A.I., more enemies on screen, Increased Draw Distance, Decreased Loading Times, Flawless Online Play, and 60fps across the Board.

If Square Enix should have learned anything from this generation it's that Graphics Don't Equal a quality game.

Ocelot5252582d ago (Edited 2582d ago )

It's not that ff13 had very decent graphics to begin with. THe lack of anistropic filtering was really ridiculous.

Pozzle2582d ago

Even then, they should have focused on gameplay and creating a more interesting world.

I'd rather play an amazing game with average graphics, instead of an average game with amazing graphics.

Nadasico2582d ago

Pozzle exactly which is why to this day I still play Xenogears, Suikoden II, Vanguard Bandits and Legend of Legaia all PS1 games. An they are all still my top rpgs and most in my top 5. Xenogears and Suikoden II specifically have been my 1 & 2 since I have played them. An they have not even come close to being dethroned which is a shame.

beavis4play2582d ago

i agree completely, pozzle. demon souls graphics were average - but, that was a great game under the hood.

jessupj2582d ago

It's true about Demon's Souls. You could probably go as far as to say you could mistake DS for a PS2 game. However, DS is my absolute favourite game this generation. It's the olny game without multiplayer that I keep coming back to even though I already have the platinum.

The combat system is just so satisfying. Plus I love the diffuculty level. Us core gamers have being starved this generation of any game that gives us a real challenge that doesn't use cheap tricks.

Can not wait for Dark Souls.

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koehler832582d ago

Increased draw distance and 60FPS across the board would fall under the category of a 'graphical leap'.

I think those are two things which will actually be standard in the next generation, along with 1080p and various means of improved anti-aliasing.

Peaceful_Jelly2582d ago (Edited 2582d ago )

people said the same thing about this generation but the truth is that people doesn't care about fps or resolution. People just want better looking games and devs sacrifices some of those things to achieve it and the next gen is gonna be the same.

Sooner or later devs are going to sacrifice resolution and fps for better textures and post-processing effects to make the games look nicer.

theonlylolking2582d ago

This gen is a HUGE graphical leap over last gen. I think it is pretty obvious that there will be a big leap in graphics.

Nadasico2582d ago

Peaceful_Jelly actually koeh is pretty spot on with that. Then again so are you in your own right. The biggest point about consoles is a standard. No upgrading to a $500 graphics card or a $300 one in more frequent intervals in hopes of maintaining your rigs performance. Right now pretty much everything we know to make up the PC or console is in a transitional phase. New types of processors, DDR4, SSD drives, PCI-E 3.0 and much more. They are all either knocking at the door or in their infancy looking to make strides before years end.

An some consoles have been known to utilize things that are even slightly beyond the forefront of what is available at a consumer level. So imagine for a second the capabilities of next gens highest end console. An know it will bring about improvements in all aspects due to timing. Next gens goal will be less about the sacrifice and more about the full experience and ability to go wild.

Now of course anybody can make something extraordinarily un optimized and bring tech 15 years from now to its knees. Though it is the standardization of consoles that helps gives us. Some of the most amazing experiences on far less expensive and somewhat dated hardware. Carrying that to the next generation we will see things beyond anything we've seen so far from any playable game currently available.

Though all of that comes only if its done at the right time. Hardware transitions are some of the worst times to build a top end system as you will be outdated in 3 months. As some people found out when DX11 hit and DX10 went out like Vista. Console makers can not afford for that to happen which is why the best of them. Know how and what to pack in their next box and most importantly when.

Ju2582d ago

1080p and 60fps doesn't do anything to make current games better - same as PS2 remasterd games can't compete against native PS3 games.

Same here. It is a different way to work with graphics tech. Lightning is a major factor which is limited by the processing power of current GPUs and some bandwidth. But shaders fundamentally changed the way computer graphics works. Now its more in the algorithm how to do graphics than scaling bandwidth limitless.

Who would have thought in 2005 that shaders (or a SW pixel stage) would allow hardware doing anti aliasing at a degree which that HW was simply not designed for. Possible because the programmable HW does this in SW now - and it is even adopted more and more on modern GPU. We are just scratching the surface what shaders can do; this will lead to a dramatic change how we will experience computer generated moving pictures in the years to come.

koehler832582d ago


You say 'just like PS2 HD remasters' as though they're somehow insignificant improvements.

You cannot play God of War HD on PS3 and then go back to PS2 and tell me it's the same. The improved resolution and improved framerate make the GAMEPLAY experience better. You swing your blades faster. Kratos feels faster and more powerful. Your eyes can resolve more detail and provide better feedback as to where to place your next attack. Everything is more responsive because it isn't bogged down by the hardware. That's only an upgrade to 720p and it's still a huge improvement.

At 1080p, 60fps from about 7 or 8 feet, we are reaching the limits of our own biology and we're so close to getting there. Once we can get mass-market hardware capable of managing that as a standard, devs can stop banging their heads over minute optimization to keep a consistent framerate without having to lower the output resolution. They can just focus on making better games.

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pain777pas2582d ago

I know this is nit picking but the Assassins creed series is one generation too early for the brilliance of the idea. This is another MGS situation where hardware CAN hamper a AAA game. The games were and are amazing but for all the detail or potential detail from a next gen engine would make this series stand out. The history, the score, the settings. Ridiculous series that will last multiple generations if they want it too. AC is a gem this gen.

Nadasico2582d ago

I agree its really the best thing Ubisofts got going right now as it is the only game from them that I play. If they can keep making improvements equal to ACII to AC:BH then it will continue its great story for a long time to come. The more I look at it the more it seems AC3 will be lined up for next generation consoles.

Solidus187-SCMilk2582d ago

Ive always thought the AC games are some of the most technically amazing games from this gen that in no way could have been done on last generations consoles.

The detail in the buildings in the distance in amazing, and you can go there with no loads.

My only problem is that they are so easy. You really dont even need to sneak, you can kill all the guards so easily. I hope they make a very hard mode for AC whatever its called.

pain777pas2582d ago

These games brim with style and imagine in game graphics on par with the CGI trailer for revelations? You have to admit that the amount of detail in the environments would have been enhanced with more powerful hardware.

Jocosta2582d ago

I think animation could use an overhaul,I have seen some really atrocious stuff this gen.

Kakkoii2582d ago

The ability to do better graphics will also allow for those things you mentioned. More memory so things can be kept in memory at farther draw distances, decreased loading times due to more RAM to pre-load data in as you go (and hopefully an SSD in the new console that the game will be cached too, although unlikely :( ), 60fps of course will be easier for dev's, as will more enemies and more computationally intensive AI....

All this stuff is related to how good of graphics can be produced. It merely depends on the developer and type of game to decide which things get dedicated more processing power.

Bonobo123452581d ago (Edited 2581d ago )

While I agree with you I regard Graphics very highly, the sense of wonder and immersion I get from a pretty game is great. In killzone 2 I would just stand and look at things from different angles, uncharted 1 really gripped me when in the first level drake gets soaked and his clothes stayed wet and dripping, I was like WOW. I just recently got to see MAX crysis and I could spend hours just burning my eyes with the high resolution textures (seriously it really hurts my eyes)

I love a pretty game, and I think it's very important that the visuals do not fall flat.

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The Meerkat2582d ago

Well Square Enix, what about YOU give us a 'big leap' in gameplay.

beavis4play2582d ago

agreed - SE and capcom have been major disappointments this gen.

exsturminator012582d ago

Yeah, not to troll, but my first thought at reading the title was, "...which is of course the only thing that matters to Square Enix these days." I should learn not to hate on them so much, but I just disliked FFXIII so much, its hard not to be bitter when they start talking about next-gen graphics when they have so many projects due out THIS gen that aren't done. Also, I don't get this sudden surge in "next-gen" coverage, especially from developers. Do they actually have developer consoles, or are they just yammering about what features they hope they'll have one day without any real knowledge of what's in development?

LordMegatron2582d ago

Meaning their games will take even longer to come out =/

madjedi2581d ago

If it meant a return to their previous quality titles, instead this gen's se games i fail to see the problem.

SteamPunkKid2581d ago

The problem is that they've spread themselves thin with all the handheld projects they've got going on and it takes forever for their home console games to release. I'm all about quality games, I'll probably end up getting it but I'm not going to wait 6-8+ years from the time they're announced until release. Just imagine how long it will take them to learn the new gen of consoles and get everything running smooth.