Unpaid crunch deserves no sympathy - Pachter

Develop: Full-time game developers shouldn’t complain they have to work unpaid overtime, an industry analyst has said during an extraordinary outburst in defence of Australian studio Team Bondi.
Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter claimed to have never met a developer who hasn’t worked overtime, nor does he believe working extra hours unpaid is a legitimate source for complaint.

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Urmomlol2522d ago

I agree with Pachter. For reference, Pachter used to be an investment banker, people who work MASSIVE over time without compensation.

handheldwars22522d ago

"Pachter... need I say more?"

Twizlex2522d ago

Wow, Pachter's looking rough in that picture. Maybe he's been working overtime.

DoomeDx2522d ago

He has nothing to complain, he gets paid for saying stupid shit

NewMonday2522d ago

i use to work a job with much unpaid overtime, but the boss gives credit to the work done and i used to get a good bonus.

but the new boss worked me even harder, didn't give credit, and used me as buffer for all the heat. i just had to quit.

Saladfax2521d ago

I dunno, the longer stuff like this goes on the worse it ends up getting.

People in the industry who are accustomed or "survived" the dog days of their work develop some kind of expectation. The whole, "We all did it, so why shouldn't they," attitude. In software development it's not so bad, but...

In 2007, the average Resident at a hospital worked something like 80+ hours on average per week. While studies showed that it didn't have any particular effect on mortality, I can't imagine every individual remains fully sharp at that kind of work load.

Now, this obviously doesn't apply quite as heavily to software development; it's more of an argument against the general attitude of fully accepting massive workloads without appropriate compensation.

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ShoryukenII2522d ago

So they work extra hours without getting paid? And if they try to go home they get fired? That doesn't sound fair to me (if I am understanding this correctly).

lastdual2522d ago

The headline is misleading.

Pach actually said that devs should get reimbursed in the form of bonuses rather than standard overtime pay, seeing as they are salaried employees and not by-the-hour workers on an assembly line.

Most white collar workers are not hourly wage earners, and so traditional "overtime" doesn't really apply to them.

ShoryukenII2522d ago

What's the difference between standard overtime and bonuses?

guitarded772522d ago (Edited 2522d ago )

WHAT!?!?! A sensationalized headline with misrepresentation of quotes on n4g... well I never!

One is a bonus and the other is overtime.

PS: Patcher is still a douche.

BX812522d ago

It's fair if you agree to work under those terms. A lot of people just need a job but end up not liking it so they complain(normal).

BongSmack2517d ago

@lastdual, I believe what he said was if the game is successful they will get bonuses, which isn't really fair to the developers without any creative control; it's not their fault if the game they're working on sucks. That said, I'm aware LA Noir was successful.

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gamingdroid2522d ago (Edited 2522d ago )

I sort of agree, you go in with an option to switch to another industry. That is why I don't want to do game development, because people burn out, but you have a choice.

Unions like the car industry is killing them and they are at it again:

Note, this:

"The union also agreed to lower wages for newly-hired workers, about half the $29 per hour that longtime union workers make."

Non-skilled workers are making $29/hour (with benefits the total cost is around twice that!) in MI where cost of living is far below the average. Middle class there is around $35k. There is no reason to have union, they are just blood sucking leeches at this point.

I really don't think game developers need unions when they make $70k+ easily a year.

BX812522d ago

@Newmonday.. Good for you. Sometimes you just have to make a stand. Plus I'm sure Burger King will find a new fry guy. Jk.

HAF9122522d ago

lol... massive overtime without compensation? Go and check their salaries ...

I think they will survive.

Instead i believe patcher should not be reimbursed for his work. It doesnt really do anyone any good...

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2522d ago
maniacmayhem2522d ago

I think used game sales are the problem!

Duuuurgh. :/

Pillville2522d ago (Edited 2522d ago )

This is getting to the point of companies (not just gaming ones) abusing the "salary" positions for free labor. Getting one person to do the work of two, but only having to pay for the one position.

As soon as someone is regularly working more than a couple hours over every day, the company should be either compensating for that extra work, or hire an extra person.

The "it's common now" excuse is laughable. Just because something is common, doesn't make it right. Slavery used to be common too.

dlohnug2522d ago

Yes but how do we stop it? I'm studying C++ for when I go to university for game development, and I "am" worried about overtime work. It's essentially slavery, to control someone for a set price, ordering them around with almost no penalties.

Overtime in the game industry should be payed. That's it, but how do we change this simple problem? Complain to all the governments in the world? I'd prefer to work indie actually, then work slavery overtime. Sorry to sound like I'm whining, but it is the truth that this isn't right.

Even if my first indie game would flop, I'd take it as an experience, learn from it, I suppose that's better than terrible work conditions?

Or am I wrong?? :P :P :P lol

Pillville2522d ago

Then the Unions come in to make sure the employees don't get abused by the greedy companies.

Then the Unions get greedy and starts taking advantage of the company. The company has to find a way to get rid of the Union.



Dark_king2522d ago

@dlohnug Look your paid to get the job done.A set wage for the year.Its not like you are really working for free,just less per hour.exp..1000$ for 10 hours work = 100$ a hour.1000$ for 20 hours of work = 50$.This is how salary works.Dont like it don't go for salary.

Ravenor2522d ago

Exactly, Pachters arguments are generally pretty thin.

dlohnug2522d ago

@Dark_king, by your logic it would be ok to pay someone any amount of money for any amount of hours because their getting paid? That doesn't make the pay fair, it just makes the worker stressed out for a possibly low salary.

So to make things truly fair, game devs should get paid by the hour, imo. Everyone should get paid by the hour.

kneon2522d ago

Hourly pay has it's own problems. There are plenty of people who will goof off or just go slow so that they get behind and then have to work overtime to make the deadlines. Of course the overtime is at time and a half or double time.

I've been a software developer for over 25 years and have always been on salary, except for a few years working contract. When crunch time comes you just put in whatever time it takes to get the job done. I once worked 16 hours a day, 7 days a week for 3 months. I got no overtime, instead I got a bonus bigger than most peoples yearly income.

Even when there is no bonus most reasonable managers will expect you (or even tell you) to slack off a bit at the end of the project. I've had managers order me not to come to the office for a couple of weeks but not book it as vacation. It all balances out in the end.

dlohnug2521d ago

Alright, your situation sounds really reasonable. I guess I'm kinda in the middle now, lol. I'd "like" hourly pay better, but from what you've told me, you're fine with a hefty bonus, so it works both ways I guess.

Seraphemz2522d ago (Edited 2522d ago )

im no Patcher defender, but it looks like he is sporting a goatee. Doesnt look tired at all, just grey hair. Happens with age, you kiddos will see that once you hit puberty..

Also, on topic. Unless you are a salary employee, you should get paid overtime. I dont know if lower level employees get salary, but if they are paid by the hour, they should get paid overtime.

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