TheProtomen's site was taken down and links now directly to Capcom-Unity

DSOGaming writes: "By now, most of you will know The Protomen. In case you are still unaware, it was a fanboy rock group that was covering Mega Man songs and according to various sources, they got a ”Cease and Desist” message from Capcom. Well, most of us thought that it was fake but it seems it wasn't as the site was taken down."

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hazelamy2584d ago

i asked, if it was fake why was the website sending everybody to the capcom unity site.

i had no doubt capcom were capable of this.

and does anybody still believe they weren't throwing people out at comiccon?
if you do, i've got this bridge for sale.

CrescentFang2584d ago

Well they didn't throw this person out:

Unless I'm wrong... because I'm not 100% up to date on that stuff haha

Evildoomnerd2584d ago

This raises an eyebrow. I'm no Lawyer, but does this mean Capcom will go after Armcannon next?