Gamer Euphoria: Kane & Lynch 2 Review (Xbox 360/PS3)

The original Kane & Lynch was met with mixed reception and even a slight dose of controversy, following the paths of a bitter and betrayed failed farther Kane and his medicated killing machine Lynch the game attempt to carry its self off with all the style and charisma of a gritty yet slick film along the lines of Heat.

Good ideas where present and an inventive multiplayer also featured however due to overwhelming technical issues and clunky gameplay the game was doomed to the mediocre rating it received. Fast-forward to 2010 and Kane & Lynch are back in Dog Days.

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mantisimo2402d ago

My goodness I can't wait for this game to be relea.......oh wait.
Never mind.

Johandevries2402d ago

This review was highly anticipated

Linko642402d ago

As was your comment. Thanks for the attention!

Linko642402d ago

I thought it was just the end of the level...then the credits came up :|

ThePhuq2402d ago

Eh, It's 9.99$ at Gamestop right now. Pretty good deal if you ask me.