20 Essential PS3 Tech Tips

Your PS3 can do a lot more than you might think. Hidden in the sub-menus of the XMB are all sorts of options - and firmware updates add more all the time. Check off the items in list below and GamesRadar guarantees you'll have an enhanced PS3 experience.

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Skerj4026d ago

Wow I did learn something from that, didn't know I could make my own avatar until now.

kurochi4026d ago

wait to go home and try some of this stuff out....

hitthegspot4026d ago

I have to ask where is the update? How do we know that the PS3 will offer a firmware update for BR 1.1 and beyond? I searched the entire Sony PS3 site. I fired off 2 e-mails to Sony support. I think it would be uber cool if that feature could be added as a firmware update.
Here I am days later and no reply from Sony PS3 support.
I called PS3 support a few nights ago (Call them yourself 800-345-7669). They have no idea if the new 40GB PS3 will support BR 1.1. I confirmed that they know what 1.1 is, but they can not guarantee that the 40GB PS3 will support the new features. I asked for a manager and he gave me the same response. So I now throw down the Gauntlet, Please show me some info out there where Sony is confirming and posting that my investment today is protected for the future....


Skerj4026d ago

I thought the 40gb had to be 1.1 since it was introduced after Oct 31st as that was mandated by the BDA.

hitthegspot4026d ago

Sony announced the 40GB player before the Oct. 31 deadline. Read it here.

lynx1halo4026d ago

Thx i actually didnt even think about finding saved games on the I-net....not that I need them...but hey ..the more options the better..

stennexxx4026d ago

Here is another thing you can do but at your own risk. Stream movies using your PS3 browser.

go to:

there are other sites i am looking at for now tubezoom works. is where alot of these movies seem to be streamed from.

Also you can use Nero home or the new winamp to stream videos, pics , or music to the PS3. Nero and Winamp transcodes meaning encodes your videos on the fly when streaming to the PS3 to a compatible format for viewing. ALl this done in 1080p.

You also can play your music while you view pics on your PS3. The PS3 is way more flexible than the other two systems. More to come.

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