First rumors of the Tokyo Game Show

Final Fantasy: Warriors of Light 2, Dragon Quest MMO, Monster Hunter Tri for 3DS and Bayonetta 2 to be announced at TGS 2011

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AngelicIceDiamond2374d ago

Ninja Gaiden 3 I'm looking forward to.

Canary2374d ago

Ooh! I know this one!

"They're all false."

What do I win?

Don't click on this hitbaiting drivel, people. The article, if I can even call it that, has, as its source, a random post on a random forum where a guys says, "Do not ask for sources, as rumor Take This, But believe me, it's true! :D"


KingofGambling2374d ago

Here's a rumor Suikoden VI for the PS3 exclusively

Fleshco2374d ago

There is a Kamiya tweet linking to that forum!/PG_ka...

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