CVG - Rage: 'We're doing things other companies can't'

CVG - id Software is considered by many as the daddy of the FPS, which probably goes some way towards explaining why there's a fair amount of anticipation for the studio's latest, Rage.

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2491d ago
AfricanWoolf2491d ago

Developers have no sensitivity to my poverty. Arkham City, Skyrim, Deus Ex, RAGE, Battlefield....DAMN IT!

...listen to me whine about a world with TOO many good games.

Inside_out2491d ago

The game could surprise many. Everybody knows the graphics will be there, but it's the story, weapons and everything else that is the question.

Interesting to hear about his thoughts on the different platforms. He says the 360 is very close to PC and that the PS3 is a different animal all together. I hope that doesn't mean the PS3 is going to be 540p or something. He did say it will be the same EXPEIRENCE on all platform...whatever that means???

@African...those games don't count because they are not exclusive and, and, I've been told that exclusives are the ONLY games that count...O_o

beavis4play2491d ago

you're reading comprehension can use some work. at no point is he saying one platform is going to be better or worse. and he didn't even begin to suggest that the ps3 version will lag behind in any way.
what he DID say was that pc and 360 are more similar in how to develop a game on the hardware while ps3 has a different structure.
you need to read slower and more accurately.

Kur02491d ago

He has his fanboy goggles super-glued to his head.

SahFriendly2491d ago (Edited 2491d ago )

This interview is stupid.

I can't stand companies that just try to make it sound like they're on the cutting edge doing things no ones doing.

But think about this, "Some of the new things we're doing with vehicles, we've never done that before, being able to drive around in the wasteland."

One this existed in several games Borderlands is one of them.

Secondly, the thing you're doing different is driving vehicles in a wide open area?

"Another thing that we're bringing to the table that's new and different is we're really going deeper with the story and creating fun and colourful characters that you interact with and forge a relationship with in the game."

Yeah, nobody has said that or done that or attempted doing that before.

" With the pistol you have standard bullets but you have three other different ammo types that you get along your progression and you're able to use in different ways."

Bioshock? and games have had different ammo types before.

"Now it's no longer just about the weapon in your hand and shooting a gun, now you can actually put something down - an automated turret, a century bot - that will actually seek out enemies for you."

Borderlands as well as several other games.

I think this game will look great and right now that's all I know for sure because I've seen the footage, but honestly if this game offers anything new or brilliantly designed I will be pleasantly surprised.

It's important that I mention, I know games rip off other games but I hate when they act like they just came up with it. I'm not upset because they're using features or ideas that existed in other games. The best thing about video games is that ripping other games off and taking what's best from them and improving them is one of the best functions of this industry.

wicko2491d ago

Rage is older than borderlands, FYI.

cooperdnizzle2490d ago

Good comment. Bubbles for you. I could not agree more. And i have tried saying exactly what you said in you're post to other people. And every time i get a hole bunch of disagrees. This game looks like a bunch of other games. Show that they are doing nothing new. I have heard them say the same thing for the past five years. I have never seen a full cut scene, and have seen one or two vehicle scenes of the game. They show the same thing over and over and say the same thing over and over. I do hope that this is a good game. But after waiting 6 years and following the game, i don't have a lot of excitement. The game should have came out like 2 years ago. Then it could have seemed more original i think. Still going to buy it and kinda still looking forward to it. Lets hope its good.

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