Games like Call of Juarez: The Cartel "incredibly disturbing", says filmmaker

Prolific documentary filmmaker Alex Halkin says the content of some games is “disturbing”, taking issue with titles that transform real-world troubles into mindless entertainment.

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Dan502550d ago

I guess if a movie or book was doing what the game was he would have NO PROBLEM.

dangert122550d ago

what does this guy not see movies as entertainment?
i certainly don't go cinema for a history lessons but if i learn something its a bonus

The Matrix2550d ago

I find what he said disturbing. See how opinions work, Halkin?

ShoryukenII2550d ago

Before you all take offense, you should read the article and watch a trailer for this disgusting game. This game is mediocre in every aspect. I saw the trailer and it's just ridiculous. The whole game is ridiculous. It tries so hard to please 12 year olds (I saw them at a strip club in the trailer and the one with the sun glasses called the girl "mama") but I think even they can see how cheesy this is.

I don't find it hard to believe that this game had no research team. They couldn't even make a decent game with decent characters.

LightofDarkness2550d ago

You mean like just about every action movie/tv series? Shocking stuff.

STK0262550d ago

I find Call of Juarez disturbing as well, but not for the same reasons. To think a major publisher like Ubisoft, and Techland (the developer of the upcoming and quite promising Dead Island) would release such a rushed game is quite disturbing to me.

Liefx2549d ago

I seem to be the only person who enjoyed that game..

koehler832550d ago

Ironically, he got the point while completely missing the point.

exsturminator012550d ago

I'm not really sure where to stand on this one. I honestly feel like this comes down to the developers' intentions. What prompted their decision to base the game in Juarez? Was it to stir up awareness? Was it a logical setting for the story and experience they were developing? Or was Juarez chosen specifically because of the controversy and media attention such a choice would drum up? I personally believe no subject should be taboo unless it is being used for controversy's sake.

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