CVG - Mass Effect 3: Can it sell big - without selling out?

CVG - BioWare's difficult third album is nearly upon us.

For two years, the studio has been battling with one of the toughest questions ever faced by a games development unit: How do you follow-up one of the best-rated games of all time?

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dangert122495d ago

the answer is No as it is no longer what mass effect was

Blacktric2495d ago

Like you know or even properly played Mass Effect. You're just another "proud" member of let's throw mud at a game we never properly played crowd of N4G.

evrfighter2495d ago

I have no doubt ME3 will be a solid game. However it won't be an rpg.

I'm still on the fence on whether ME2 was an rpg or not and with their announcement that it's going to be even MORE streamlined.

It's action/adventure no doubt about it. Not a bad thing but I'm sure some people won't accept that.

dangert122495d ago


thats my facebook look at my info then talk to me about mass effect you prat. dont judge me. also you are one of n4g's finest trolls? articles and people?

Blacktric2495d ago

I'm the one who defends one of the finest RPG's of this generation, dick. You don't even know what a RPG means yet you keep blabbing about how Mass Effect isn't a RPG anymore at some articles on N4G like most pathetic fools do here. Hope you're feeling better when you're doing that since no true Mass Effect fan gives a flying crap about what you think. And before calling me a troll, check your pitiful comment history.

dangert122495d ago (Edited 2495d ago )

Role playing game(you did't look at my profile did you) shame

So i guess your not a true mass effect fan?
cause you seem to care about what i have to say to the point of insulting some one you don't know for there difference of opinion yet you call out ther people on n4g? you sad sad person. i no what ive said im my comment history...i'm no troll =)

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kma2k2495d ago (Edited 2495d ago )

well it might not be the right way to look at it but this is how im looking at it, as long as we arent given dragon age II in space i will for the most part be happy. As long as i dont get one plannet to explore with concrete walls partitioning it off trying to pass it off as mutiple plannets. Or limiting the entire story to the freakin citadel. To be honest at that point i would at least consider it a better game than DAII. Pretty sad when bioware has my mind making these thoughts!

Dwalls11712495d ago

No ..mass effect is not a big seller like god of war..gears halo or is on the level og killzone or resistance

SageHonor2495d ago

Mass Effect 1 and Mass Effect 2 is just as highly rated and acclaimed as uncharted 2, halo reach and god of war 3.... And has sold as much.. dont even go there...

Killzone? Yeah right

hilyou2495d ago


its kinda on da same lvl as uncharted, cuz both sold 5 million copies i think.

Achemki2495d ago

No, you're wrong. Look up some NPDs and financial reports. Even vgchartz isn't far off. Both Mass Effects are just under 2.5 million each on the 360. I don't even think it's at 500,000 on the PS3. That's not Uncharted territory. It's not even Demon's Souls territory on the PS3. Dwalls is right, so there's nothing to "Killzone yeah right" about. Love Mass Effect 2, but it is what it is.

2495d ago