PS4 and Xbox 720 external design: Brick vs. slick

Product-Reviews writes: This year has been one filled with rumors about both Sony and Microsoft next-generation game consoles, some gamers have already decided which they will buy. This choice comes from the feeling of loyalty, but it's not one that everyone shares. While motion controllers have added something extra to the PS3 and Xbox 360, this should not be confused with the possibilities a new machine could bring in terms of graphics and playability.

Sony and Microsoft will need to bring something special to tempt users to upgrade when the time comes, this means extreme graphics that can beat the PC’s of today, and innovate with add-ons only possible with next-gen systems. We’ve seen some slick concept designs for the PS4 and Xbox 720 before, but what if your favorite brand looked like a brick?

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tr00p3r2491d ago

Sony and Microsoft are not stupid. It will be a disaster if the next gen consoles are larger than the PS3 and Xbox 720.. It's not gonna happen.

danswayuk2491d ago

Technology makes things smaller, so they will be in a smaller form but the PS4 or Xbox 720 design could still be a disaster. Some gamers do not care about the external design, is this you? I am not dedicated to a brand, so Sony and Microsoft need to get it right or I will buy the competitor's product.

caseh2491d ago (Edited 2491d ago )

You do realise that each generation of consoles is always BIGGER than the last. In Sony's case this is true at least

Until its been revised 2-3 times after its release date i.e. components are revised/removed then we get the slimmer version of the hardware.

This has been the case since way back to the Sega Genesis...

danswayuk2491d ago

Yep, but it's my expectation that while the next-gen will be more powerful than before, it will also be smaller. At least where the PS4 is concerned.

caseh2491d ago

Well it will no doubt be more powerful :)

As for the PS4 being smaller I can't see it being smaller than a PS3 Slim myself. Main problem with hardware is heat and getting it to dissipate safely and efficiently. Something early adopters of M$'s next console will most likely be looking out for. :)

tr00p3r2491d ago

A PS4 slim? Don't give Sony ideas man!

ricky3602491d ago

It will be no bigger than the ps3 slim, but we should expect problems as they will rush things to compete

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danswayuk2491d ago

Spotted some crazy concepts for the PS4, not sure if the home Hi-Fi look will be popular.

danswayuk2491d ago

@caseh Let's hope the next Xbox does not have a fail rate like the Xbox 360.

steve30x2491d ago

If the cooling is good enough so that the console wont die before its at least four years old then I dont care what it looks like.

danswayuk2491d ago

First gen ps3 and Xbox 360's were too hot, I wonder if the next gen will run cooler from the start?

steve30x2490d ago

My 60GB Phat PS3 lasted 4 and a half years. I went through two Xbox 360's in that space of time.

tr00p3r2491d ago

Integrated liquid cooling would
Be nice on both consoles

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