IGN - Editorial: Wii U - Why Only One Camera?

IGN - Nintendo may be missing out on some very cool possibilities by only including one camera in its new system's controller.

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matey2647d ago

what is this site doing trying to point things out 4 sony ect to impliment on there ps4 it wont happen everything u see is patented Iwata made it clear there will be no copting this time unless u pay them

charmer2647d ago

oh please be many faces do people have? good camera is enough

Ness-Psi2647d ago

as long as the controller feels right in your hand and the buttons feel good as well I think that's the main thing.

jacksheen00002647d ago

Considering that the Nintendo Wii U has 4 USB ports they could always use one port to add another Cam. Its not a big deal!!!!!

Shok2647d ago

It's expensive enough IGN xD

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