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Super Mario Galaxy gets 9.75/10 from Game Informer

Super Mario Galaxy takes players on a journey unlike any other, but there are parts of it that should have been lost in time. A good portion of the story is pushed off to the side and is completely optional. While it's nice that you rarely have to fuss with the camera, there are times where walls will obstruct your view, or you won't be able to rotate the perspective to see where you are supposed to jump next. And worst of all, for a game that puts such an emphasis on going out of your way to get an extra life, all of your lives are reset when you turn the Wii off. (Super Mario Galaxy, Wii) 9.75/10

MK_Red  +   2890d ago
Wow, they gave a higher score to COD4 (10/10). But really both games rock beyond measure.
iNcRiMiNaTi  +   2890d ago
thats what i wouldve gave cod4 too
seriously, this game is awesome, i have a feeling my halo 3 is gonna start to gather up dust...i just cant seem to put the game down, its so damn addicting
Syko  +   2890d ago
Yeah MK, I think this review is right on though. It has just enough flaws to knock it from a 10 but not enough to really even deserve 9.5 I have played about three hours in and this game is great, In terms of Wii games this and Zelda:TP are really the only games worth a damn when it comes to proper controls. and both deserve the high marks. But still hard to compare against a game like COD4 which is a great game and a graphics powerhouse.

I have yet to check out Zack and Wiki but I heard that is good also.
MK_Red  +   2890d ago
You've got to play Zack & Wiki. It's the classic point & click adventure reborn!
As for Wii games, I also loved Metroid Prime 3's control a lot.
BrotherNick  +   2890d ago
I'm sad no one is buying Zack & wiki, I'm buying it and I really don't have to buy games anymore.
MK_Red  +   2890d ago
True. I hate Wii and games like Wii Play/Sports but Zack & Wiki alone is enough to make me buy the Wii and make me like the console a bit.
BrotherNick  +   2890d ago
I hope this doesn't turn into an Okami :| gonna buy that when it comes out for the wii.
squallsoft  +   2890d ago
...i think I'm going to get a wii to complement ps3, and this game will be at the top of my stack. its funny how this generation is looking like it will mirror the last two: N64 to complement my PSone, Gamecube to complement my PS2 and now a Wii to Compliment my PS3. rock on Nintendo, rock on...
Basch  +   2890d ago
I'm considering a PS3 to complement my Wii :D
Maestro  +   2890d ago
Game of the year.
solar  +   2890d ago
wow...this is the first review ive read that puts it above SM64. 5 more days....
Basch  +   2890d ago
No, no, no!
Why does the preview consist of all the bad bits? You're supposed to build them up, THEN knock 'em down! :-P
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Hamadzedan  +   2890d ago
Stupid Game .... Stupid Review
I don't know how they give kids game like this that score, games that don't require any developments efforts ,any budget ,any professionals.
I would give it 5/10 if not less.
solar  +   2890d ago
o.O have u played the game yet? whats ur basis for saying those things? i can exclaim "this game is gonna be great" til im blu-ray in the face. why? every review so far has said so. unless u have played it...and no not the demo at gamestop for 10 mins....then hush :P
Basch  +   2890d ago
"I don't know how they give kids game like this that score"

...'Tis the fool who condescends a genre simply because of its market. Play the bloody thing first.

"games that don't require any developments efforts ,any budget ,any professionals."

Pfft, the core development projects that provide the foundation for this game started development in 1999. And as for your assumption that the developer has neglected the latter two points – you may be thinking of Acclaim. Try again.

"I would give it 5/10 if not less."

Because, I mean, obviously the prestigious magazine you work for bought a copy for review, you played it to completion and made a substantiated, thought-out judgement. By no means did you look at a few screenshots and knock five points off for the lack of realistic violence and/or tits.
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john_doe  +   2890d ago
what are you smoking man...you are of the few people that dont like this game... sorry you think that way, you are missing a great game.
wiizy  +   2889d ago
lol oh please
the only reason galaxy doesnt get an 11 out of 10 is because they feel that mario64 was the pioneer.. compare both games and mario galaxy should get game of the year hands down.
Rooftrellen  +   2889d ago
When I'm finished with SMG, if Mario 64 is being compared to it in my mind, and SMG is better, I will be here claiming it is the greatest game of all time and forevermore.

I'm not sure about it, yet, on the grand scale, but, just maybe, we have history, here. Few are the games that manage to define a genre, like Ocarina of Time, Mario 64, and FF7...but if people are lowering the score just because Mario 64 came first, and not because it was better, we have another one.

However, I reserve judgement until I can really play though it.

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