Battlefield 3 Interview with Karl Magnus Troedsson, VP and GM, DICE

Blockbuster title, Battlefield 3, is creeping ever closer to that October release that we all eagerly await, with the title of King of First Person Shooters directly in its sights.I recently had the chance to interview DICE VP and General Manager, Karl Magnus Troedsson, about Battlefield 3′s excellent showing at E3 2011, multiplayer pressures and console gamers fears for Battlefield 3.

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SarahFox2498d ago

glad they brought up frame rate and porting issues, i think this game will be AMAZING

Dart892498d ago

I don't get why people are mad at 30FPS just turn you're god damn sensitivity all the way up it'll feel'd a lot smoother.

Can't wait to try the beta.

49erguy2498d ago

I'm getting MW3 on 360 and this on my PS3. I find that shooting controlled shots, tapping the button is better suited to R1 than RT. For COD you just hold down the trigger and you're good to go. Gears too. All 3 good-great games.

CrimsonEngage2498d ago

Still no word when they are going to showcase Conquest with jets. :(

Hifist12498d ago

I'm gettin this for PC so no worries about resolutions or framerates. 8)