The Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword Preview (

Hands on with the game that may perhaps be the swansong for the Wii?

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N4SIR2549d ago

Sounds Awesome! hope there is classic controller support though...

DNAbro2549d ago

the game is built around motion controls, no way is there classic controller support.

GodisaGeek2549d ago

The way the game played, it really doesn't seem likely. The swordplay in particular is designed with motion plus in mind. Not to mention the camera controls, and plenty of other things.

Could be wrong, nothing is impossible - but we wouldn't bank on classic controller support.

krazykombatant2549d ago

Flap my arms as if i'm the bird. seriously ninty, seriously...

GodisaGeek2549d ago

Indeed, though it's not as horrible as you might think! :-D

The GodisaGeek staff in attendance were hoping that the flapping sections wouldn't be too prevalent in the full game.

Ayer992548d ago

Best Wii game ever. Calling it right now.

N4SIR2548d ago

only if there is classic controller support!

Ayer992547d ago

Why do you want Classic Controller Support so bad? The whole game revolves around the motion plus. If you are just into sitting down, only moving your hands, and eating potato chips while you play, this game is probably not for you.

N4SIR2547d ago

@ Ayer99

Why not? another mode of control would improve the game!