How Much Do You Spend On Video Games?

"I have spent over $8200 on video games in the past three years. What do you spend on video games? How much you are willing to spend this holiday season?" - Redhead Reviews

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Yi-Long2554d ago (Edited 2554d ago )

... I buy a lot of games, but I rarely buy them full-price. I just wait till they drop to around 20 euro or something before I buy them. And I pretty much never buy DLC, or games that have DLC (unless there's a complete edition being released).

I never buy 2nd hand though. Always new but from the bargain-bins...

The Matrix2554d ago

*Starts to add them up on calculator* *stops* Maybe that's not the best idea...

Substance1012554d ago

My costs on games have dropped dratically, i dont buy most games at launch anymore.

I personally buy most games on Steam or D2D discounts. Hence my cycle of buying games is 3-4 months late. However i tend to get at a priceof 10-15usd, which can be a lot of saving over the course of the year imo.

Only games that i bought this year at full price were witcher 2, shogun 2 and portal 2. Everything else is purchased when they are on discount.

LOGICWINS2554d ago

No more than $200 a year for me.

I_find_it_funny2554d ago

I try not to spand too much, I barely ever buy games on day 1, I tend to wait for the price to go down and then buy them from UK online retailers, I like how price can go down there after just a few weeks.
Also I have a few gaming friends so I lend/borrow games a lot.

FarEastOrient2554d ago

I spent $4,000 on Xbox 360, $7,600 on PS3 alone

I don't even want to think about how much I spent on PSP, PS2, PS1, NES, SNES, PC, etc.

oli2554d ago

i spent less this generation, because of my interest in the games out on the market

darthv722554d ago (Edited 2554d ago )

when i was younger, I bought games all the time. snes, genesis, turbografx....neo geo (damn those things were $$$$$$$).

You get older and you realize that what you paid doesnt equate to what you are paying now. At least in the sense that they are not worth much. A 60 snes game vs a 60 ps3/360 game...yeah you get more for your $$ now but it is still $60.

I do admit there are games i will specifically buy new but for the most part...used is my way of life. Used game stores were little holes in the wall type of places. First one I can recall was called (appropriately enough) video game swappers in sacramanto CA.

They arent around anymore as is the case with most of the indie shops. Dimple is a good place to go if you dont like the "corporate" version of gamestop these days.

I dont know what it is these days. I bought 5 games last month and have not played a single one. Maybe I am a hoarder of video games (my wife would say YES) but I consider myself a "collector".

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jack_burt0n2554d ago

1-3 ps3 games a month often discounted but new.
1-2 steam games tends to be sale stuff but sometimes not.

and prob a psn title too for me.

Kran2554d ago

Too much.

These past few years, i've bought (approx)

2 Xbox 360's
I didnt buy my PS3, but still.
40 New games
70 pre-owned games
Around 30-40 steam games.

I have sold my Wii and Wii Games.

Not much ive bought but thats something.

stonecold32554d ago

i brought my ps3 brand new and got an xbox 360 also i own a couple of games for the 360 and nearly 140 ps3 games already

BeastlyRig2554d ago (Edited 2554d ago )

not much! I have bought up to 5 good games on steam for about $40..

Out of the 35 games I have I would say I spend maybe $250..

Plus more and more new AAA games seem to be going back to the $50 standard(Like Ubisoft games)via digital store..

TronEOL2554d ago (Edited 2554d ago )

Oh wow. That's it? My list probably hugely eclipses that. Not to mention the hardware for gaming, or the Playstation 3DTV and Headset I'll be buying in September for my PS3.

I'll probably actually look this up one day, but I know in the past few months I've probably spent well over $400-$500 on video games (DLC/PSN/Retail). If it wasn't for my girlfriend, I probably would have spent much, much more.

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