Elite IV is currently in early development

DSOGaming writes: "Here is some exciting news for all Elite fans out there. Elite IV, the latest part of the legendary space trading game, is in early development."

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majorw22405d ago

I didn't even know there was a Elite II and Elite III, last time I played Elite was on a C64 over 20 years ago.

Still have very fond memories of Elite on the ol' C64 :)

Corrwin2405d ago


I've been waiting for another Elite since the 3rd one. We're ion dire need of a deep, open space sim!

k4rma2405d ago

Very true. The space sim seems to have all but disappeared this generation. At one time the space sim was as popular as the FPS.

I reinstalled Freelancer the other day along with the Shattered Worlds mod for a graphics bump, and it still plays great. Now if only a developer / publisher could make something as easy to pick up and play as that game, but with the depth of the original Elite on C64, well that would be amazing.

I'll keep crossing my fingers for a new Elite game though. Its been too many years already.

Corrwin2405d ago

I was playing Elite II up until a few years ago, the graphics are obviously dated, but for sheer openness and depth of gameplay, it can't be beaten.

Hardware was another good space trader, though set on the planet mars.

And Terminus is a fantastic plot driven one, came out years before Freelancer, but reminded me so much of it.

Perjoss2405d ago

I watched a very long video interview thing with Braben answering questions from the crowd at GDC 2011. Obviously someone asked him if they were still working on Elite IV, to which he replied something along the lines of "it would be tragic if we weren't".

found the link.

Charmers2405d ago

I have heard Braben say this sooooooooo many times it has lost meaning. I don't expect there to ever be a new Elite some one somewhere will distract Braben with something shiny.