EA Sports: "Absolutely a time" for subs

EG: "There will "absolutely" come a time when you'll want "access" to EA Sports content via monthly or annual subscriptions, label vice president Andrew Wilson predicted to Eurogamer."

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Yi-Long2493d ago (Edited 2493d ago )

Count me out if that happens.

Trunkz Jr2493d ago

So taking away money from the Used Sales business wasn't enough, they want more more more... E A Sports - Screw the game.

OpiZA2493d ago

Or for free... surely?

Inside_out2493d ago (Edited 2493d ago )

What EA is saying is if the game is popular, meaning anything over a million in sales, then they will require a subscription to play...what a swell bunch of fellas these EA guys are huh...O_o

EA is a great view of what the future of gaming will be like...if they get their way. People who buy EA games are voting for this with their wallets.

Honestly, I doubt this will work. Most sports games, tho they sell well, are generally for the casuals who don't game all the time. It's a recreational thing and I doubt they would want to pay a monthly fee for that.

COD and games of that nature are different. There is an entire ecosystem around those titles and it's a massive one. Clans are a big feature as are game battles.

Activision has said they will never charge a monthly fee for COD, in terms of the game and it's multi-player. COD Elite is for the hardcore COD players of which there are millions, who game everyday and twice on weekends. They are part of the fabric of COD and want no part of anything else and will be happy to pay for all the features it will provide them.

Lou-Cipher2493d ago (Edited 2493d ago )

This will really piss off the 360 only owners.

1. Pay your internet provider a monthly fee.
2. Pay Microsoft to use your Internet provider through Live.
3. Then have to pay EA a subscription fee to access the game?

Man I miss the days of buying a console and a game, then being able to play the game in it's entirety.

When the game industry crashes again, I hope they realize it was their greed that caused it.

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