Five ‘rubbish’ games worth giving a second chance []

Games Catalyst: "In every generation there are games that slip through the net; either given a critical panning or else inexplicably ignored. Here are some examples of those which aren’t 'that' rubbish after all."

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Kran2549d ago

Kane and Lynch 2. YES. Im talking to you Jim.

Baka-akaB2549d ago (Edited 2549d ago )

"you’ll be hard pressed to find a better Action RPG in the same price bracket nowadays" Not convinced .

Sacred 2 ... divinity 2 .. a probably a few others anyone ? They are easily better and at budget prices right now

Nexgensensation2549d ago

those games got traded in for a reason

InTheLab2549d ago

I popped in Haze a few weeks back to give it a secon....fourth chance. That game is incredibly bad. A few cool ideas...but still terrible.

I popped in Too Human and gave it another shot. If you can ignore the difficulty spikes (which led to the absurdly long death scenes), control issues, and lame boss fights...the game is not that bad. It had a cool story and Baldur was pretty bad ass. I also enjoy loot whoring...