Chinese couple sells kids to fund MMO play

A couple in China has sold their three children to pay for the cost of online games at Internet cafes, ABC news reports.

Li Lin and Li Juan, who initially met at an Internet cafe in 2007, sold their baby daughter for approximately £300, their first son for approximately £3000, and their second son for approximately £3000.

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TrevorPhillips2429d ago

That's just sad and cruel!

I wouldn't even have the balls to do that if I had kids.

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nopunctuation2429d ago (Edited 2429d ago )

Must have been a girl.

...Too soon?

Edit:Damn I was right. One Child Policy strikes again...

ChrisW2429d ago (Edited 2429d ago )

One child policy...

That's exactly where I think this article fails. If they had 3 children, they either have to be ungodly rich or some political figure (thus they wouldn't need extra money). Otherwise no way would they be allowed to have more than one child, let alone 3!

This MUST be a false article.

Pozzle2429d ago


Actually, China's a little more lax with the One Child Policy nowadays. People who aren't living in the inner city can have more than one child and won't be taxed for it, so it's possible they weren't city dwellers.

Especially if a couple only has girls. The parents are allowed to keep trying until they get a boy, and the Chinese government won't tax them for any of the kids.

kreate2429d ago

u dont have to be rich to have more than one kid.

if u have more than one kid. than u dont get government benefits like education or schooling. it just cost more to raise that 2nd/3rd child.

kreate2429d ago

talk about game addictions. u cant get anymore hardcore than that!

Spenok2428d ago

I'd say its sad and cruel, but at the same time those kids are more then likely in a better place if their parents are more worried about playing games then taking care of them.

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TrevorPhillips2429d ago

Just out of curiousity, who the hell disagreed with us on this lol

Grip2429d ago

Bucz ppl wish to sell their kids ?

ZoidsRaven2429d ago (Edited 2429d ago )

Oh now that's all kinds of f**ked up. 7_7

EDIT: If the two swines who disagreed can show a spine and reply, I'd be thankful. :B

Calm Down Sunshine2429d ago

I'm not one of the original disagreeing swines by the way.. But it sounds like a good thing to me, the children have had a lucky escape.

smartmart2429d ago

I hope so, but chances are that those kids future might not be that bright. who do you think BUY human beings? there still is an horrifying large slave market around the globe. :(

nopunctuation2429d ago

Slavery has been banned worldwide. The only case of it in modern times (ie past 50 years) has been in parts of africa where its pretty much anarchy. The child was probably sold to an adoption agency of some sort or maybe to a couple who couldnt have kids of thier own.

ZoidsRaven2429d ago


I love videogames as much as anyone on this site does, but [email protected] I wouldn't sell people (let alone three children) just to play games.
What this couple did was wrong, stupid and against the law. No amount of disagrees or bubble snatching changes this.

I hope the children are ok... 7_7

Krysifix2429d ago

Disgusting. Lowest form of life right there.

nopunctuation2429d ago (Edited 2429d ago )

This kind of stuff happens in China all the time. That baby girl was lucky. Most of the time they are just thrown away because of the One Child Policy (they only want boys in thier culture). Id want to say this is the result of evil communism, but this was the only way to deter the extreme famine that was occuring from having such a huge population. Chinas population is now relatively stable since the law was put in place. The law only went horribly wrong because of Chinas sexist culture of wanting a boy to carry on the family name. Stuff like is is sad but it may be a reality for the whole word one day as the population grows more and more out of control. 6 billion people is already too much but it will be double that in 30-50 years. Imagine the traffic my god...

Krysifix2429d ago

Agreed, and very good point. I've had this conversation/debate before. Glad im alive now and not down the line. Then again i wish i could be around till the PS9 and xbox 3600 release. Sigh.

NewVegasTroop2429d ago (Edited 2429d ago )

OMG horrible!!!!!!!!!!!

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