Braben: Kinect 'better for accuracy' than mouse or analogue

Elite creator David Braben, boss of Frontier Development, has praised Kinect for providing the 'best accuracy' to date for an input device, unlike the analogue stick.

Analogue "not precise enough" to match the mouse, which is "pretty precise" but even that's not ideal. It's a "perception of accuracy," he says. Kinect is different.

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Wizziokid2578d ago

"better for accuracy' than mouse"

is this a joke?

iamnsuperman2578d ago

PR stuff promoting the next kinect titles saying this time they will be accurate but that was the promise last time. So PR rubbish again

Yi-Long2578d ago

.... my mouse doesn't have a half-second input-lag.

Bereaver2578d ago

Actually, they could be 100% correct with that statement on a single note. Your hand is where it is, but only after the camera catches up. That that instant, it would be more accurate then mouse or analogue. But, that being said, for accuracy with timing, mouse is the king.

gamingdroid2577d ago

Did anyone read the article?

He is saying the mouse/analog stick only gives you incremental changes, not actual position. He also says:

"If you think of the analogue stick for example, if you just show the position of the analogue stick on the screen as a blob, it jitters around all over the place,"

Kinect because it is a camera, actually detects your physical position.

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chriski3332578d ago

Come on xbox really? Who u trying to fool ur self or us?

Spenok2577d ago

That became evident a LONG time ago lol.

lzim2577d ago


yep there's always 1 article a day that makes me go ohnohedidn't

I was like yeah ok buddy should me someone on Kinect beat a starcraft II game, or play Zuma. can't be done.

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plmkoh2578d ago

A mouse is mapped with your screen and you essentially manipulate a pointer that is bound 1:1 to the screen.

How is that "perception of accuracy" when it is exactly the very definition of accuracy.

Rainstorm812578d ago (Edited 2578d ago )

Its just the shepard getting more sheep to follow.....

Kinect, PS Move nor the Wii is more accurate than a mouse...

Edit @ disagreer

If you think any of them are more accurate then you must have never used a PC or played a PC game, PS move is the closest but no cigar...

NewMonday2578d ago

only thing more accurate than a mouse is a touch screen.

lzim2577d ago

and even then there's more arm movement and your hands/fingers are in the way. multi-touchpad is somewhat the best solution if you don't have a mouse. Where if you have a multi-touch track pad you can use a combination of all your fingers for tracking and selecting and doing actions..

the dumbest part is that MS HAS Surface already.. taking that interface and making a lapboard for the console and windows out of it would be a good alternate investment of $150.

gamingdroid2577d ago

Incorrect, your mouse pointer is mapped relative to the difference between your movements i.e. direction (as Braben pointed out). It actually doesn't know where your mouse is in physical space.

Example is, can the computer figure out where your mouse is on the table?

The answer is NO, because you can always pick up the mouse and move it to another position without moving the pointer on screen.

***How is that "perception of accuracy" when it is exactly the very definition of accuracy.***

"If you think of the analogue stick for example, if you just show the position of the analogue stick on the screen as a blob, it jitters around all over the place,"

hilyou2577d ago

move is da most accurate of all da motion tech, its in 3rd place after multi touch and the handy mouse

mcstorm2578d ago

From what I have seen from the demos on a pc and 360. Kinect could have better accuracy than a Mouse but it is still a few tweaks away from that maybe by the time Windows 8 is out it will be able to do this as its not the hardware that drives Kinect its the software.

kneon2578d ago

The accuracy is limited by the low resolution of the camera, the software won't fix that.

artsaber2578d ago

Some people just can't let Kinect be what it is. Some idiot always has to talk up the device into some magic miracle better than a mouse phenom.

Then when those with common sense respond to this drivel, they get blamed for bashing Kinect.

btk2577d ago

Fully agree there. Next they will try and tell people that the Kinect camera is better than 4x 1080p 500fps cameras.

hot1112578d ago

Accuracy has nothing to do with lag.

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