Could you live with a gaming curfew?'s Emily Gera writes: "Korea's gaming industry is a monster. It has enough life to fuel both its multi-billion dollar business and an e-sports community that churns out professional video game players who become celebrities in their own right. The country is a hotbed for gaming cafes, which have swept across the nation with a Starbucks-like intensity. This is a nation hosting an industry that's grown so big, and so socially-acceptable, that it makes the West seem like it's stuck in a rural Stone Age.

But now there's something going on in Seoul. Back in April, Korea introduced legislation that put a curfew on online games. Thanks to this new Cinderella Law, between midnight and 6am all users under the age of 16 are locked out of online titles.

The Cinderella Law is the brainchild policy of Korea's Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism, along with the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family (MGEF). The curfew is part of a government-led legislation built to curb video game addiction in the country."

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JsonHenry2550d ago

I wonder how they would react if they were "addicted" to Nascar, Football, fishing, or golfing?

Tigerfist2550d ago

Nop because I couldn't live in a country that doesn't respect individual freedom.

bozebo2550d ago

So you can't live in any country then?

Tigerfist2550d ago

I feel safe to say that little old Portugal is quite alright on that matter.

bozebo2550d ago

Probably better than most :P

waltyftm2550d ago

No, i play when i want, not when someone tells me too.

Spenok2549d ago

Seriously, this law is total Bs. Im glad i dont live in Korea.

The Matrix2550d ago

As we have learned from Assassin's Creed, controlling people is never the answer. You have to let people do what they want, whether it is bad for themselves or not.

bozebo2550d ago (Edited 2550d ago )

hmm... midnight to 6am is quite reasonable for a pointless law, I can remember rarely staying up later than about 1 or 2am when I was under 16 anyway.

My question is, how do they know that the player is under 16? There isn't a reliable way to enforce that stupid law.

And what is this video game "addiction" that idiots keep mentioning, there is no such thing. Simply an entertainment addiction, which makes total sense and should be fully allowed. Anybody can spend too much time with anything that entertains them, and that would cause the same exact problems that being "addicted" to video games would.

Awookie2550d ago

I know that u have to use your Korean social security number to get a battlenet account for Starcraft 2 i wouldn't be surprised if all or most online games have this.

TheObserver2550d ago

Awookie is correct. In South Korea you have to have a social security number to log online. For that reason alone, many Korean gamers are quite polite online. After all, if you pissed off someone hard enough they can find you through one means or another. Add to the fact that South Korean have mandatory military service, every dude basically knows how to fight. Wouldn't want to be a douche online in that country.

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