Uncharted 3 video: ComicCon panel highlights

CVG: Uncharted 3 was one of the standout showings at ComicCon for those with a gaming bent, and now the entirety of the Uncharted 3 panel has been released online.


Direct Youtube links to videos (warning: second one is 45 minutes):

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aaabbbccc43242584d ago

YES YES YES! thank you! omg this will be a classic!

aCasualGamer2583d ago

O M F G!!!

This game will be GOTY and i can tell from that cutscene alone that if any gaming website doesn't recognize this as a GOTY then they are not gamers and don't know what a true GOTY is.

That was in-fu**ing-credible!

The chemistry between the characters and the writing is spot on. This will be another one of those adventures you'll want to show off to your buddy sitting next to you on the couch.

aaabbbccc43242584d ago

WARNING dont watch if you dont want to see major spoilers

49erguy2584d ago

There really weren't any major spoilers TBH, if any at all.

To anyone afraid to watch, it was a funny extended cutscene (the one where Elena says, "he really isn't a rug merchant") and none of us have any idea where, when, or why this is taking place, so its not really a spoiler.

PS I didn't disagree with you in your 3 posts. I'm just as enthusiastic as you are about U3.

mantisimo2583d ago

You know the more I see of Nolan (and the others) the more I think ALL 3 of them could star in the movie, with some very big name baddies and collaborators to keep everyone happy.

Sony, if the script/direction was right would potentially have a huge hit.

aaabbbccc43242584d ago

i had to watch because i cant get enough uncharted

WhiteLightning2583d ago

"These aren't just voice actors....they're actors"

Uncharted :)

fooltheman2583d ago

from where is that picture?

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