Lead designer explains why Blur was a flop

Sales figures for racing title Blur were “really low” according to lead designer Gareth Wilson – who’s been explaining why he thinks the game flopped quite so badly.

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JellyJelly2431d ago

Producing a great game isn't enough these days. You need to find the right market window for your game and have a clever marketing campaign as well. Hell, some of my favourite games this gen were financial flops. It's very sad imo.

Yi-Long2431d ago

... it's mostly an online-party racer which was likened to Mario Kart, and I personally don't care that much about. It was Activision which I don't support, and it had a perk-system which I don't like.

Also, I don't really like weapon-based racers. I also hate it in those top-down racers.

I want my racers to just be about speed, intensity and SKILL. Not about getting a rocket up my ass every 10 seconds.

Baka-akaB2431d ago

i can understand that feeling . Just pointing out that those too requite skills .

Yi-Long2431d ago

.... but I don't really care for those skills when I want to play a racing game ;)

I'm sure it's a FUN game, but if I want a kart-racer I'll pick up Modnation Racers, and for fast arcade racers there's Need for Speed, Dirt and such games.

EVILDEAD3602430d ago

It absolutely deserved a better marketing campaign. The whole Adult Mario Kart theme didn't work. But wow..what an addicting game.

It honestly was the Call of Duty of arcade racers and ended up being one of the most slept on titles this gen.

Need for Speed was the only arcade racer that got the Metacritic and comercial love. Even Split didn't do well. Heck look at what happened to Motostorm: Apocolypse. The arcade racer is simply a tough nut to crack these days. Burnout Revenge for the 360 will still be my all-time fave..but Blur is right up there.


morkendo2430d ago (Edited 2430d ago )

even though split/sec. sucked it was way!! better than blur
far as arcade NFS is the best by far.

Cpt_kitten2431d ago

it wasn't? it was awesome, really don't like racing games but found comfort in playing this

Quagmire2431d ago

Because Split/Second was better.

DJMarty2431d ago (Edited 2431d ago )

@Quagmire - Blur, was miles better than Split second.

I bought Blur and still play it.

Split second sucked.

KyRo2431d ago

Split Second was amazing compared to Blur.

Baka-akaB2431d ago

because split second was better (wich alreaady wasnt selling that great) .
Because they marketed it as better looking and with real cars , mariokart , when Mk fans wouldnt care about that .

And it wasnt awesome anyway

Kran2431d ago

I was one of those who bought it ;) It was still a great game and a shame it didnt get the sales.

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The story is too old to be commented.