Wow has XBL Arcade had a good half year

Microsoft has announced the top ten selling XBLA games for the first half of 2011, and a staggering fact: the Arcade has grown to be worth $US66.2 million in revenues (in the US).

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omi25p2496d ago

Some great games in that list, XBLA and Party chat is why i love LIVE

buttclown2496d ago

Ever since the launch of the 360, they have really made a lot of quality games that are in the arcade. To me, that's where MS's strongest games are.

byeGollum2496d ago

Yeah it sure did... Wish some of those games were on PSN.. 'lucky you' guys.

buttclown2496d ago

Benefits of having both consoles. Get the great games for both sides.

coolbeans2496d ago

I've found PSN has some very respectable arcade titles as well. I still have a nagging feeling that Journey could be the best arcade title this gen; although, I could just be VERY hyped for that game.

Rampaged Death2496d ago (Edited 2496d ago )

It's amazing how much downloadable titles have risen in quality over the last few years.

StupidDude2496d ago

The grammar in the subject line is unbelievably bad.

"Wow has XBL Arcade had a good half year"

StupidDude2496d ago

Yeah, guys. I'm glad you disagree with actual rules of grammar.

Raven_Nomad2496d ago

XBL always has had great arcade titles. It put's them a step above the competition IMHO. They are known for quality arcade titles, where as PSN is more known for old PS1 titles and such.

Bastion is an amazing game and a great way to kick off the summer of gaming.

Theodore872496d ago

ugh, I would have to disagree with your statement regarding PSN games.

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