Far Cry 3 influenced by Lost, says lead designer

Far Cry 3′s lead designer Jamie Keen has let slip that the game was inspired by hyper-successful TV drama Lost.

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GrumpyVeteran2585d ago

Here's hoping the ending isn't. :)

GrieverSoul2585d ago

OMG! My thought exactly! Lost´s ending sucked! Its like they didnt knew what to do with the loose ends and went the easy way.

CapsLocke2585d ago Show
Perjoss2584d ago

Lost should have ended at the end of season 4. You don't always have to explain everything, the mystery that was present in the first few seasons is what made Lost so good!

wallis2584d ago (Edited 2584d ago )

To the lost fanboys:

The writers themselves have admitted they made the story up on the go for the sole reason of giving it some cryptic attraction to the same people who pore over every detail of a movie for some insane conspiracy theory.

These are the same people who SWEAR on their fucking grandmother's life that the suitcase in pulp fiction contains wallace's soul despite Tarantino literally turning around and saying,

"No it's not. It was an accident on set and we thought it looked cool."

There's no skill in making up random cryptic bullshit to draw people in. Lost was a triumph in marketing and NOT writing. I think the reason people who watched it towards the end defend it so defiantly is because the other option is to turn around and say,

"Yes, despite everyone else telling us so, despite it being the machination of a man whose sole creative talent is cryptic marketing with no depth, despite it taking a good five/six years to reach a climax, despite everyone else we know slowly realizing it was a load of shit, we STILL got suckered in and watched it to the end."

I am proud to say that I never ever ever bought into Lost. J.J Abrams would have a fucking aneurism if you told him he had to make a movie without a marketing ploy or Spielberg to hold his hand.

"WHAT!? My movie has to actually be judged on how good it is? .....fuck."

nickjkl2585d ago

oh man its going to make no sense

Wizziokid2584d ago

great news, Lost is my all time Favorite tv show so it's great to see a game be influenced by it

moe842584d ago

Cool, I guess? But for those of us who weren't a fan of Lost, I hope the devs aren't "too inspired"

Lazy_Sunday2584d ago (Edited 2584d ago )

Well, if the game does follow Lost, lets just make sure that it follows the wacky story. Black smoke monster? Time travel? Jacob? Count me in.
PS: Don't join in at the halfway point, though, you'll be way too confused. Oh yeah, and don't play to the ending--much like Lost, we know it'll suck worse than Fallout 3.