GoldenEye 007: Reloaded Xbox 360 Gameplay

New gameplay footage from the upcoming GoldenEye 007: Reloaded.

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dangert122584d ago

It looks good. you know why im getting this.
PS MOVE SUPPORT and maybe the nostalgia for whats left of the original lol

qwertyz2584d ago

ps move is virtually DEAD and its really sad because its more usefull in gaming than kinect(which as you already know is selling like hot cakes)

dangert122584d ago

Ps move is not well implemented in alot of games and alot of people don't think to change setting so there happy. my favourite move games are

MAG (this needed alot of playing with)
Socom ( I Still have it on normal settings)
Heavy Rain.

I do wish sports titles would use it if pro evo was like the wii version id by it as far as the controls go

fight night would of had a sale from me aswell =/

Close_Second2584d ago

Move was a waste of money. I should have known better after wasting money on the ps3eye when I first got my ps3.

CommonSense2584d ago (Edited 2584d ago )

i think those guys could have ramped up the annoying a bit more.

loved the original goldeneye for n64, i don't think it needed to be re-imagined. and not having pierce brosnan is an insult.

gamejediben2584d ago

yeah I agree. I liked Brosnan a lot better than Craig. And the N64 game didn't need to be re-imagined but it already has been far better in Goldeneye: Source. This is just a shameless cash in by the CoD makers.

JohnApocalypse2583d ago

Eurocom never made any COD games