Zumba Six Weeks At No 1! Latest UK Charts 25th July

For the sixth week running Zumba Fitness has stayed top of the charts. With Call of Juarez: The Cartel entering the charts in the second spot. In third Harry Potter: The Deadly Hallows Part 2, which has moved up from seventh.

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waltyftm2584d ago

There seems to be a lot of people buying Zumba in the UK, now can i ask WHY!!!!

handheldwars22584d ago

Beacuse the girl on the box is hot?

rlineker2584d ago

Lot's of people are obsessed with fitness in the UK. And this game matches that obsession. (but don't forget there are loads of people obsessed with eating as well!)

coolfool2584d ago

@ rlineker

People are obsessed with fad fitness in the uk. Whenever something gets popular people get on the bandwagon thinking that this is going to be the the fun way to fitness heaven. What they forget though is that that fitness is a lifestyle not a fad.

(And don't forget that often it's the same people who are obsessed with eating who are obsessed with fads!)

BroGamer2584d ago

Its amazing how a casual game like this has lasted so long.

mcstorm2584d ago

This game is selling well as Zumba has become the thing for Girls to do to get fit this summer. Every girl I know keeps talking about going to Zumba Fitness classed and they are thinking of the getting the game for wii or 360 as it will help them get fit and get better at the zumba dances before going to there class.

But its good to see a nice mix of game in the list too.

HAF9122584d ago

wow... my gf does zumba and i never hear the end of it.

now i gotta read about it on n4g?

she is gonna rub this in my face.