Characters with Character: Kratos

BT: Today’s episode is going to be an interesting one because it addresses a character that I previously discussed briefly. If you recall in my episode discussing Garrett from the Thief series, I brought up the character Kratos from the God of War series as an example of a terrible anti-hero. My stance on this has not changed; as almost all of the praise for Kratos is about how sympathetic he is as an anti-hero against the manipulating and insurmountable odds he is pitted against, sedating a bloodlust that is near impossible to comprehend.

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Darkfiber2581d ago

KRATOS MAD, KRATOS SMASH. Such a deep, rich, fascinating character.

CaptainMarvelQ82580d ago

Much deeper than that Master chief of yours

SonyNGP2580d ago

They're both the same IMO. One's just gaming's Rageguy.

Darkfiber2574d ago (Edited 2574d ago )

I don't even have a 360 and have never played a Halo game, but nice try.

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SLLCKGT2580d ago

One of them was betrayed by the gods and tricked into killing his wife and daughter. The other is a douche.

RevXM2580d ago

I think Kratos portrays a hurt and broken soul pretty well.
I felt his sorrow and hatred in the game, and I was quite motivated to take down Ares.

And when I did so and the Gods said they wouldnt take away his memories I got pissed.
And that was reason enough for freakin going nuts out in GOW 2.

So to me he was interesting enough, maybe if we got to know him more from before he started to serve Ares more people would actually think of him as more human and less obsessed with ripping things in half.

VonBraunschweigg2580d ago

After the first 2 games I was disappointed with how one dimensional Kratos had become, nothing but anger. Both Jaffe and Barlog did a better job in developing Kratos in the character we love. Even if anger was all that was left for him, the 3rd game should have had moments like in the 1st game when Athena explained a few things, and Kratos replied with so much emotion in his voice. "But the visions, will they end?". Part 3 had none of that, and at a certain point the shouting for revenge became somewhat laughable imo. Still one hell of a character though.

LordLaguz2580d ago

Gordon Freeman > all

Dr. Wallace Breen: Your mentors are partly to blame, of course. My disappointment in Eli Vance and Isaac Kleiner is far greater than my sorrow over your unfortunate choice of career path. In a way, I suppose you could not have done otherwise. Who knows what seeds of iconoclasm they planted when you were young and gullible. But while they certainly share a great part of the responsibility for the recent troubles, it is you alone who have chosen to act with such willful disregard for humanity's future.

Gordon Freeman: ............