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Slant Magazine: Of all the things to loathe about Call of Juarez: The Cartel, there is perhaps nothing greater than your two AI teammates, a couple of foul-mouthed clichés (no matter which of the game's three characters one chooses to control) who provide next-to-no combat assistance and yet have the gall to ceaselessly shout at you, "If we weren't watching your back, you'd be motherfucking dead!" Death often seems preferable to completing the entire campaign of Ubisoft's third entry in its Call of Juarez series, which—in a move that makes no sense, and pays no positive dividends—relocates the first-person-shooter action from the Wild West to the modern streets of L.A. for a rote saga of federal agents (a grizzled bad boy, a suave guy, and a tough girl) pitted against Mexican drug lords.

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