Deus Ex: Human Revolution will have exclusive DLC for Middle East

DLC includes a cameo from one of the original Deus Ex characters, gadgets and weapons. Pretty damn sweet!

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trainsinrdr2522d ago

Is this game something like metal gear solid because that's what its looking like.

Disccordia2522d ago

It's a first person shooter (third person whilst in cover) with RPG elements. There are stealth options on every mission (there is an achievement to go through the game without firing bullets) but it's optional.

NanoSoldier2522d ago

I think you won't have as much options as MGS4 has to sneak through the game. I'm excited for the reviews of this game.

Septic2522d ago

Eh? This is a bit random isn't it? Why the Middle East? (I guess you could ask why not bit still...).

Quagmire2522d ago

The title is misleading. The DLC isnt exclusive JUST for the Middle East, its simply saying that the Exclusive DLC (which is available worldwide with the more expensive editions) will also be coming to the Middle East.

RankFTW2522d ago

Getting this on PC so won't be hard to add this exclusive DLC to my game I reckon.