Shadows of the Damned review at Thunderbolt Games

Thunderbolt Games: Garcia Hotspur’s girlfriend, Paula, has been abducted. Fleming, the Lord of the Underworld, is just a little bit upset with Garcia’s line of work – he’s a Demon Hunter. Garcia, with the help of Johnson, his demonic shapeshifting firearm/torch, has been a royal pain in Fleming’s side for some time, sending his minions back to Hell in gruesome fashion. Understandably, the Lord isn’t too pleased with Hotspur’s handiwork, thus, he decides to exact his revenge in a way well-known to all video game antagonists: kidnapping. Fleming, however, decides to spice things up, promising the Demon Hunter’s lady to an eternity of suffering. This doesn’t sit so well with Garcia. With Johnson in tow, Hotspur follows Fleming into the unknown, diving headfirst into the Underworld.

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