Why video games are related to Norway killings, but not responsible for them | Digitally Downloaded

It is not fair to blame video games for the tragedy that befell Norway over the weekend. The theory that there is a direct link between violent activity and video games has been proven false, and the science is watertight.

However, the video games industry is indeed a reflection on a natural flaw in humanity, and games, books, music, films and all other media all belong to that same story of humanity.

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jony_dols2550d ago

Did Jack the Ripper, Ted Bundy or Timothy McVeigh (Oklahoma bomber) use video games as training aids?

Psychos will be psychos.

Using video games as a scapegoat, is a tactic for the media to sell papers.

Yi-Long2550d ago (Edited 2550d ago )

... and like everything the older generation doesn't understand, like comics, rock music, books, TV-shows, japanese cartoons, etc etc... it gets blamed for shit that goes wrong.

Now, if this guy had been a muslim-fundementalist, we would have heard the mainstream media for at least 3 weeks how Islam is to blame.

However, he was a christian-conservative fundementalist, and surely blaming THAT would be ridiculous(!), so we're going to go ahead and blame videogames again...(!)

It's just pathetic.

MattS2550d ago

You didn't read the article, did you? That is exactly the point the article made :-/

jony_dols2550d ago

I read the article and I'm agreeing with you.

I'm reading The Times at the moment and it has an article trying to prove a 'direct link' that playing WOW eventualy leads a person down the path of mass murder!?!

Last time I checked murder & mental health issues existed before video games.....

MattS2550d ago

Ah, my misunderstanding then, I apologise.

I agree, I don't know why the media insists on taking such a deadbeat approach to this stuff. A halfway intelligent journalist would research this stuff and seek out psychologists and sociologists before arriving at any conclusions.

vicheous2550d ago

Why is the only places we Norwegians read about this foreign sites! Cause it's blown out of proportions... It has NOTHING to do with videogames...


Pikajew2550d ago

What about the bad parenting? These parents leave there babies alone somewhere and they die sone how. And all the parents want to have fun without the kid. I guess Videogames are to blame as well for bad parenting

Also when little girls dress like sluts. Videogames are to blame again