Console Domination review: F.3.A.R

Before we get started, yes, someone thought replacing the letter "E" with the number "3" was actually a good idea, instead of F3AR; this game will be referred to at FEAR 3 henceforth. FEAR 3 picks up several months after the conclusion of FEAR 2 where (Be the warned, spoilers lay ahead) the main antagonist, a psychic ghost woman named Alma, rapes the protagonist and becomes pregnant. You reprise the role of Point Man, the main character from the first FEAR game, who has since been imprisoned by Armacham Security. At the games genesis Point Man is rescued by what is, essentially, the psychic ghost of his brother, Paxton Fettel, who also happens to the antagonist of the first FEAR game. After this turn of events the race is on to reach their mother, Alma, before she can give birth to her child.

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