Dead Rising 2 saves unlock Off The Record content

VG247: "If you’ve already played Dead Rising 2, then a special bonus awaits you in Dead Rising 2: Off The Record."

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CynicalVision2522d ago

I seriously need to stop deleting save data!

FEARprototype2522d ago

why do you do that anyway? i delete them by mistake. i was trying to delete my profile for some reason and instead of pressing delete profile only, i press the delete profile with save files. that happen to me 3 times!
but really now? i jacket is all they can do? and if frank west doesn't have any new fighting move i may not consider buying the game.,. but who am i kidding, am a sucker for dead rising..

CynicalVision2522d ago

'why do you do that anyway?'

I figure that once I fully complete a game I no longer need any of the data. I keep forgetting that some games have features like this, so I need to stop. :P