Catherine - This Generation's Killer7

MMGN writes: I love the fact that Catherine is undefinable. I've had three people ask me in the past 24 hours what it's about, and after roughly six hours of game time, I still can't even put my finger on it.

Put simply, Catherine is like nothing you have ever played before.

And I truly mean that. There is absolutely no game out there that is as successful at blending so many elements into such a fascinating and enjoyable experience.

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CrescentFang2464d ago

Law, Neutral or Chaos, am I right? :) Though there are 8 endings... I was expecting 3 lol

The only difference is, Atlus pretty much made this for Japanese people... I don't think the Atlus JP expects much sales in the US and now this game has sort of gotten popular on the internet for no reason...

I'm not sure what Killer7's purpose was (for Japanese or westerners), but seeing as Suda51 and Shinji made the game, it had English voice acting off the bat, an obvious Japanese feel (Ayame Blackburn lol, the cel-shading in anime style, the cutscenes) and it seemed more suited for a western market than Japan...

Other than that, I would agree it is undefinable, however I have yet to play the game...

BuffMordecai2464d ago

I played the demo and loved it. Definitely going to pick this up.