A New Valve ARG Emerges - Will This Lead to Half Life 3?

Reddit users discover secrets that lead them toward more strange Valve clues. Videos and photos linked for convenience.

Edit: There is always the possibility that something like this has nothing to do with Valve at all. Relabeling as a rumor until more info is discovered.

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agentxk2405d ago (Edited 2405d ago )

That or episode 3. That room really reminds me of Saw. Also, the "picture" is creepy as hell

blitz0x2405d ago

Yeah, it was really creepy. If it wouldn't have loaded through Half-Life, I would have doubted it was Valve at all.

agentxk2405d ago

Congrats Valve, you have discovered the things that nightmares are made of.

Raendom2405d ago

Guys, haven't you learned your lesson? ARG came before Portal 2: "omg it's HL3!! WOW HL3!! Half Life EPISODE 3!!!".

Before DOTA 2: "omg it's HL3!! Wow HL3!! Half Life EPISODE 3!!!".

Before L4D3: "omg it's HL3!! WOW!!! OMG EPISODE 3!!"

KingPin2405d ago

Valve will only make HL:E3 next gen.

AGREED!! i dont think they dont plan on making it any time soon. and if it takes them 2-3 years to complete it, im thinking they will start around now if it was going to be released this gen.

they not interested in it. they keep you guys waiting to build up the hype. honestly, i played half life, i never got into it. not my kinda game. i found it too slow for my liking.

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