Video-Games Not To Blame In Oslo Massacre writes: Video-games are a form of entertainment, sitting on the shelves next to movies, music and literature that have shaped culture all around the world. Was The Catcher In The Rye banned after Chapman shot Lennon? Just because the interpretation of one man's beliefs don't sit well with the ideals of society doesn't mean the rest of us should suffer.

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Canary2554d ago


Everyone knows the real reason was pixie sticks.

ATiElite2554d ago

Actually i thought it was the removal of the McDonalds dollar menu in Norway that lead to all this carnage.

SilentNegotiator2554d ago (Edited 2554d ago )

Blech. A discussion that has been put to rest and re-erected a million times.

Hey guys! Video games as art.....GO!

ATiElite2554d ago

Well No Shite!

Only a moron would blame an act of violence like this on video games!

TheNocturnus2554d ago

We should just blame that crazy, lunatic, psycho, asshole that killed all those people, nothing else.

Pozzle2554d ago

I agree 100%

The murderer had a mind of his own. He was responsible for his own actions. And other people (particularly the media) shouldn't be making excuses for him.

Maybe if they focused on the REAL issue - the fact that he clearly had a mental problem - then this sort of thing might be prevented from happening again. Maybe people would then recognize the signs before someone else attempts the same thing. :(

Quagmire2554d ago

I blame Modern Warfare for this mess.


cyclonus0072554d ago

I blame the combination of being crazy and easy access to firearms/explosives.

Sheikah2554d ago

Yet I've heard many Americans (seriously) argue that the crisis coulda been averted had everyone been alotted a firearm...

I agree though. The foreign terroism has kept us (as a society) too busy looking outward rather than domestically. Hence Europol is now emphasizing it's investigation of potential national terroists

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